January 4 2024

The Tech Needed to Watch World Cup 2022


We are fast approaching what will be a historic FIFA World Cup as the top teams from professional soccer descend on the Arab World for the tournament’s first visit. There are some huge matches to look forward to, including the USA vs England in a group match that’s expected to decide the pool winner, with Iran and Wales playing catch-up. That’s according to the early odds offered at the top sports betting apps. But what do you think?

As well as its debut in this region, World Cup 2022 will be the first not to be staged during the summer months of June and July. Fixtures were postponed until November and December, when the host nation was decided. This is a move designed to avoid the searing temperatures experienced in Qatar during summer. Soccer played outdoors during the summer months would be uncomfortable, to say the least, and could be life-threatening to both players and spectators. That means the final of the World Cup will be played just a week before Christmas. It’s difficult to imagine at this stage.

Watch the action

We know when the World Cup will be played, now let’s talk about the best way to watch the action. On this page, we explain how you can secure access to the best, HD quality live streams of the matches, featuring expert commentary, in-play odds, stats, predictions and live scores. All this can be achieved in a matter of minutes and, if you follow our advice, it will come free of charge. Imagine you could be watching the World Cup games at home, work or anywhere in the country, ensuring you don’t miss a goal, tackle or major talking point.

On this page, we’ll explain which providers have the best live streaming apps for the World Cup, what you must do to secure your share and the simple hack that will bag you a welcome bonus free bet. Our team of tech experts have spent many hours researching the subject of the World Cup, and we’re confident we have all the information you need to enjoy the show.

Live streams have changed

In the past, live sports streams were poor and unfit for purpose. They were often illegal, using commentary in a foreign language, slow, plagued by interruptions and more. To put it plainly, for many of us, they were a waste of time. We’ve all been there, trying to watch the big match on a live stream, only to pull the plug within a few minutes, unable to deal with the poor service. But that’s no longer the case, thanks to improvements in technology.

Today live soccer streams can be enjoyed on your Android or iOS smartphone, and the quality is as good as you’d hope to find on any television. These modern streams come with commentary, exciting camera angles, updated stats and the latest opinions from trusted sources, such as sportsbook tipsters, ex-players and pundits. As it’s available on your handset, you can watch the next big match due off while on the move. Never again will you feel the sting of watching your favourite players and teams in action due to work or family commitments.

Get involved

Today’s live stream apps come from the best online bookmakers and are often free of charge. The reason for this is the bookie knows that allowing registered customers to watch an event without charge increases the likelihood of them placing a wager on the outcome of the match. Visit your favourite online sportsbook and click the live streaming tab. There, you’ll find the upcoming schedule, and the coverage will begin a few seconds before the advertised start time.

To enjoy a free live stream of the next World Cup match of interest to you, it’s necessary that you create an account with an online bettor. You will then have access to all sections of the app, including the live streams. The best bookies even give new players a welcome bonus free bet. There’s more on this in the section below, including how to register and land a freebie.

A warm welcome

Visit the homepage of your chosen app and click the button to register. Fill in the registration form, providing your name, date of birth, address and contact information, such as an email. Create a username and password and confirm.

You will find that the leading online sportsbooks offer all new players a welcome bonus. These come in many different shapes and sizes, including a free wager, risk-free play, bonus, enhancements, cashback and profit boosts. The best bonus isn’t the latest huge promo to crash onto the market. Read the small print, and you’ll often find that the most popular promos aren’t always the most useful. Remember, every sports fan is different, and that’s why every sportsbook promo must appeal to a wide range of players. 

Don’t latch onto the first promo you see. Take your time and research the subject. Read the terms and conditions and then compare one deal against what’s available at the competition. This may take a little more of your time, and that puts some off, especially when they would rather be researching form and making predictions, as opposed to pouring over lengthy T&Cs. But we do promise it will be time well spent. The more you understand how a promo works, the more chance you’ll have of using it to your advantage. One thing is certain in this industry; research is key.

To get started, you must register an account with a sportsbook app that is legal and licensed to trade in your region. When sizing up a company, check they have the relevant license and it was issued by a respectable organisation. This info should be easy to find as any company worth your custom will proudly display their license information on the homepage of their customer-facing website and smartphone app. If you have to go looking for details, there’s a chance it could be a bogus site and best avoided. To clear up any confusion, contact the customer care team through the live chat option.


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