June 4 2024

The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire Dedicated Development Team in 2022


High competition for talents, lack of skillful IT experts, and fat paychecks of in-house tech specialists force business owners all around the world to seek alternative solutions. That is the point where outsourcing changes everything and why entrepreneurs hire a dedicated development team.

Software development company with a headquarter in Dublin Intelvision has shared the main info and business insights on how to build a dedicated software development team that will make your project better and cut your expenses.

What is a Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated team is an engagement model of getting the services of a self-sufficient group of IT specialists who have the specific specialization, skill sets, and experience to cope with your project. It can be a team of just three Node.js developers, UI/UX designers or a full-fledged team with a project manager, developers, and delivery manager. 

A dedicated development team usually involves various IT experts, depending on the requirements of a particular project:

  • Front-end developers who create the customer-facing side of a software product.
  • Back-end developers ensure that the code runs smoothly behind the scenes.
  • Full-stack developers who combine both front-end and back-end developer roles.
  • UX/UI designers design how the user will interact with the interface and what steps they need to take to do something (UX), and also determine how each of these steps will look (UI).
  • Project and product managers who make the development process run smoothly.
  • Business analysts identify the business problem (tasks, goals), collect data, analyze the information received, and offer a solution that meets the client’s needs and brings the maximized benefit in a particular case.
  • QA engineers who identify and eliminate defects in a product.

You can hire one specialist or a whole team that will include specialists from all areas. 

The IT services outsourcing market size is expected to reach $531 billion by the end of 2022. Google, Slack, Alibaba, WhatsApp, GiHub, and other Tech giants have cooperated with various dedicated development teams and outsourced their tasks to outsource software vendors. 

How DDT Cooperation Model Works

Don’t have a full understanding of how cooperation with the selected dedicated development team works? We have broken down the main processes.

Setting up your development team/own development center

The software vendor will build a team based on your requirements, using its internal talent and recruitment capabilities. 

Integrating the center with your on-site team

A Delivery Manager is usually responsible for team integration and is assigned to your account. He will work closely with you during the first months to work out an efficient remote cooperation model and help set up all the agile processes necessary for a distributed team.

Taking care of the administrative tasks

The outsourcing development team will take care of all administration connected with your team at our development centers, providing the technical infrastructure, encouraging continued education, and investing in the professional growth of your team. 

Anything else? You retain full control over product development

This engagement model enables you to manage your remote team as your in-house one while we give you the necessary tools and provide our continued assistance. You can also involve the software vendor at any stage of your cooperation so that DDT helps facilitate communication and relationships with your in-house team.

When Do You Need To Hire Dedicated Development Team 

A dedicated team is a perfect choice when you need a team of tech experts for specific tasks. Leverage the dedicated development model when:

  1. You have a complex long-term project.
  2. You have a specific product niche.
  3. Your project has tight deadlines.
  4. You experience a shortage of development skills on site.
  5. Salary expectations exceed your budget.
  6. You don’t want to bother with the recruiting processes.

The Main Benefits Of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

According to Capital Counselor statistics, the top reason (70%) for outsourcing and hiring a dedicated development team is cost reduction. Companies of all sizes, including tech corporations like Google, Amazon, and Meta, also often struggle to find skillful software development experts for their projects quickly—according to data by McKinsey, over 87% of firms are experiencing a talent gap.

We’ve highlighted the top benefits of outsourcing software development and hiring DDT. 

Access To Talent Pool 

If you are facing a talent shortage, the dedicated development team is a perfect solution for you. The hiring process will be fast and easy, so you can augment your team without spending months on IT hiring.

Simple Scalability

DDT model offers you extra flexibility. Are you interested in hiring one software developer? That is an easy bit. Feel the need for the entire team, including Agile and Delivery Managers, in the course of work? No problem, software vendors can help you with that as well. With a dedicated development model, you can scale up or down on demand easily when your workload changes. 

Direct & Transparent Communication

Dedicated software specialists are hired exclusively for your project, thus working on your tasks. You can discuss all your requirements and expectations with the team, ask the experts for advice or transfer all your requirements right to the person who is in charge of design, development, or quality assurance.

Optimal Budget

With the DDT model, you can benefit from the transparent pricing models without hidden costs. Choose between hourly rates or the fixed price model and get your project delivered within an optimal budget.

In a crisis with temporary financial issues or while scaling fast, it is more profitable to engage a dedicated development team temporarily than to build a new one from scratch, searching for talent and creating a positive microclimate within it. Become one of the biggest tech giants with the same DDT benefits as they do to create strong products, skyrocket your business growth and increase profitability. 


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