September 30 2023

Top-5 Skills You Need To Become a Booster in World of Warcraft


Did you know that many players in World of Warcraft already monetize their skills and time? Some of them prefer doing boosts for gold, while others work for dedicated companies, boosting service providers. Highly skilled and experienced players help regular players achieve their goals by playing on their account or alongside them and are getting paid for that!

In this article, we’ll look into what you need to have as a player to become a great booster.


This is as simple as it gets – you’ve got to be a skilled player to be as efficient as possible with boosting order completion. Being a skilled player has a lot of benefits, one of them being your ability to take on tougher and more expensive orders, like higher Arena Ranks. For example. Not all boosters are cyber athletes, after all, and being capable of completing hardcore orders is a very strong benefit for you as a booster. And will increase your income too!

Having a high level of skill is also a requirement in some orders, for example, when you’ll have to teach a client on PvP performance in his class and build or when you’ll have to carry your party (with the client in it) in a Mythic+ Dungeon. Job of a booster is not for regular players! Boosters are faster, stronger, smarter, and overall just much better than others.


Let’s imagine a situation: the new add-on for WoW has just been released and for the upcoming few weeks, all orders you will be getting will be just leveling – this is what everyone will be doing! So, naturally, you’ll have to do the exact same thing on different characters over and over again. And if you don’t have patience, you won’t be effective with these orders or just won’t take such orders and won’t work for some time. This can be crucial.

Some orders, on the other hand, may just be lengthy by nature. The great example here is farming some extremely rare mount in old raids – some people can’t get them for months. Patience is the only thing that can help you here!

Also, don’t forget that boosting is a job. Some of your orders may and will not be something you’d want to do, but you will have to do them anyway since you surely want to get paid. Patience will help you overcome such situations.


A very essential and simple quality of any booster – you’ve got to know what you’re doing, you’ve got to be an expert in WoW. Boosting services offer tons of various services in World of Warcraft, and it’s most likely that you won’t have time to figure out how to complete the received order – the job of a booster is very intense. And since WoW is a huge game, you’ve got to know a lot.

Having lots of experience will also allow you to do your job much more efficiently and probably make some additional sales during the boost – you’ll most likely know what else the client may need, depending on what he ordered.


Being a friendly person with fluent English helps a lot when it comes to being a booster. If you’ll work with a reliable, high-quality boosting service, you’ll have private chats with your clients where you will have to communicate with them about the order and more. Leaving a nice impression is important because it can grant you more orders in the future!

It’s also worth mentioning that not all orders are done by logging into the client’s account. Sometimes, they would want to play with you (self-play option) or hire you as a coach. In these cases, great communication skills are crucial. If you’re not good at communicating, you will either fail these orders or just won’t receive them in the first place.


If you’ve accepted the order, you’ve got to complete it the way it was described to you. Being a booster and working on others’ accounts is a responsible job, and the clients are always very sensitive when it comes to their accounts and even the slightest changes in the boosting process or the way everything has been set before you took over.

Completing your orders without any issues and always on time will grant you a good reputation among the managers and the clients. This means more orders and probably some tips for your job!

Where to apply

Most of the WoW boosting services providers have some kind of application forms on their site. From our experience, it’s better to look for a service with lots of available games and offers. It’s also a good sign if finding the application form to become a booster is easy to find. Want to know why? Well, huge services with well-designed sites are most likely to not be shady. Some low-quality services are known to not pay their workers for months, and you don’t want that.

For example, look at the Kingboost. Tons of games available on the front page, including a few versions of World of Warcraft, and the “Work with us” button is at the top of the page. That’s a great place to start your boosting career.


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