April 3 2023

Trending Logo Colors in 2022


The logo is the most important part of the corporate identity of the company. When looking at it, customers form a certain impression about the brand. It is important that the brand name evokes only positive emotions in the target audience. Of course, the main function of the logo is to tell about what the company does, its ideas, and its mission. But it is also necessary that its design is in line with current trends. The color of a logo has a big impact on the perception of the viewer. Therefore, it is important to choose the right shades. In this article, you will learn about trendy colors for 2022 and what emotions they evoke. Use this knowledge when designing a logo.

Logo Functions

The logo is a reflection of the personality of the company that uses it. This sign is a key part of the corporate identity, its organizing center. Therefore, strict requirements must be imposed on him. The effectiveness of the entire corporate identity as a whole depends on how successfully the logo is developed.

Considering that the logo is just a picture, a graphic object that symbolizes a certain company, its owners make a big mistake. With the help of a well-chosen logo, you can not only be remembered by the consumer but also help him navigate the range of goods and services. Thanks to the company symbol, the audience clearly associates the image with the name of the company and the products manufactured by it. The most famous examples are a bitten apple from Apple or an unequal tick from Nike. Moreover, these brands do not even need to place their name on the logo.

Since the logo is a kind of business card of the company, it has a lot of functions. Below are the most important ones.

The first function of a logo is called distinctive.

That is, thanks to the logo, one company can be distinguished from another by associating the products with the manufacturer. That is, the trademark protects its owner from unscrupulous competitors since it is the property of one organization and cannot be used by someone else without violating the law.

The second function of the logo is called warranty.

This means that the quality of the product or service marked with the logo is guaranteed by the company providing it. In the eyes of consumers, products that have a brand name are more trustworthy than those that do not. No company will mark with its logo a low-quality product that does not meet generally accepted requirements.

The third function of the logo is aesthetics.

If there is a beautiful, visually appealing sign on the product packaging, its aesthetic value increases significantly. This rule applies in particular to consumer goods. In some cases, the logo becomes a full-fledged and independent element of the design of the product itself (for example, part of the rapport of fabric or decor of a clothing model). Also, with the help of a brand name, various packaging products are designed.

The fourth function of the logo is advertising.

 It is closely intertwined with the previous function. Often it is defined as the formation of the image of the company in the eyes of consumers, informational, psychological, and so on. But with more detailed analysis, it is safe to say that it has separate aspects from all other functions.

That is, the image of the enterprise is formed with the help of all components of the corporate identity.

Its most important task is to increase its prestige, advertising the name and principles of the company. The informational function of the logo is that the logo indicates the country of production of the goods and the manufacturer. Also, with the help of a brand name, a consumer can distinguish a product from others and learn from its properties and advantages.

The psychological function is to increase confidence in the labeled product.

The consumer develops a positive subconscious attitude towards him since, as mentioned above, the sign of the company is a guarantee of stable quality in the eyes of the client.

Thus, it is safe to say that the logo has many functions in the field of advertising and creating a positive image of the company.

Trending logo colors in 2022

Creating a logo is an important and complex task that requires careful attention to every detail. Color is a key component of design. Of course, trend colors are only a marker of the mood in society. If they are not appropriate for your logo, then you should not use them. But, in any case, it is important to be aware of current trends. So, let’s look at the most famous trend colors and shades of 2022.

Comfort and clarity

Logo by Elif Kameşoğlu

Experts from the Pantone Color Institute have announced the trendy colors for the spring-summer season of 2022. They broadcast society’s desire for clarity, the need for comfort, and safety.

For two years, the whole world fought the virus, facing restrictions in social and professional life. Being in constant uncertainty gave rise to a desire for stability. This can be reflected in soothing colors: transparent pink, powdered sugar, glacial lake, blue harbor, and mocha.

Freedom and faith in the best

Logo by Dalius Stuoka 

The direction towards optimism and the anticipation of freedom symbolize the bright colors of the Pantone trend palette: daffodil, dahlia, punch. Deep blue and hot pink are associated with the desire for spontaneity, sublimity, and joy.

Calm classic

Logo by Ekaterina Muzheva

If you need up-to-date interpretations of classic shades to create a logo, you can use the Pantone palette, which has collected all the fashionable colors of the coming season: snow-white, perfect beige, basil, meltwater, poppy seed.

The palette of these basic colors also reflects the current social trends: the desire for simplicity, balance, stability, comfort, health, and well-being.

Nature and technology

Logo by Jordan Jenkins

WGSN experts believe that the trendy colors of 2022 convey sustainable technological development and respect for natural resources at the same time. Also, they reflect the desire for something new and the need for new acquaintances. Olive green, blue and yellow is reassuring and consistent. Juicy pink and orange evoke excitement and create an optimistic state. The key image of the palette from Coloro is an orchid flower.

According to Coloro’s head of content, the orchid flower has a vibrant, hyper-realistic, and inspiring color. It looks good in both analog and digital environments. It is universal and can be relevant in any season, on any continent. This rich purple color will cheer you up and forget about your problems for a while.

Inspiration and creativity

Logo by J.D. Reeves

The 2022 color trend map was also created by Benjamin Moore. These are manufacturers of interior and exterior paints. Their palette slogan is pretty simple: “Create your canvas.” There are fourteen colors in total. Chief among them is October Mist. This is a delicate gray-green shade of sage. It balances the palette and sets the stage for creative self-expression.

The creators of the palette claim that it is harmonious yet varied, solid yet whimsical, meditative yet eclectic. All the colors in it are muted as if burned out in the sun. Therefore, they are versatile and combine well with each other.

Harmony and Unity

logo by Dimitrije Mikovic

The world’s leading color trendsetters PPG and Sherwin-Williams, like the aforementioned company, have also created trendy color palettes. It is dominated by gray-green colors. They are associated with balance and harmony. Such shades can be found in nature. They fit well with the logos of many companies.


So, we have told you about the most fashionable colors in 2022. Among them, there are both bright, life-affirming shades and muffled, gentle ones. Choose the right colors and start creating the perfect logo for your company. We wish you success!


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