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What Devices Can You Play Minecraft On?


More often than not, computer games have very specific requirements for them to work well on a device. In fact, the most modern games are becoming very demanding these days. Their requirements are growing every year, forcing players to do frequent updates on their PCs and laptops in order to keep up with games’ recommendations. These days just your regular work laptop or tablet won’t be able to support the most modern, powerful games. Sure, it is fair to admit that games, too, have drastically evolved over time, becoming more engaging, visually stunning, and realistic. Of course, it requires more power from a computer to go through with all the heavy work developers put into the game.

Fortunately, there is always one game that will never disappoint and always welcomes you. It doesn’t care what device you are using or who you are playing with. Its purpose is to give you a great gaming experience and not to limit you in any way. This game is Minecraft and these days you can play it on pretty much anything if it has a screen attached. So, let’s see how it’s possible and what devices you can use to play Minecraft.

What do you need to play Minecraft?

So, let’s start with the list of devices you can use for the game. These are:

  1. Windows 10 and above
  2. iOS (iPad, iPhone)
  3. Google Android
  4. Xbox One
  5. Nintendo’s Switch
  6. PlayStation (3,4)
  7. VR headsets

So, these are the platforms and devices that people can play Minecraft on. However, every one of them comes with a slight difference in how the developers handle the gaming experience. For instance, not all of these devices are lucky enough to receive updates anymore. So, when you are choosing a device for yourself and your child, you should consider such a factor. For instance, all PlayStation editions are no longer updated. Hence, when you shop for a device to play Minecraft, you better look at other options.

Also, you won’t be able to buy Minecraft on those devices if you haven’t had the game already. Secondly, only some of those platforms support crossplay. Thus, the aforementioned PlayStation editions and Java Edition don’t have a crossplay option for the players. Additionally, there is a special educational Minecraft for children that is available only on Mac, Windows, and iPad. Thus, it can’t be played on Android smartphones and iPhones.

How is Minecraft crossplay?

The great news is that Minecraft has turned itself into a powerful crossplay game. So what does it exactly mean for the players? Well, it means that Minecraft currently supports most of the existing devices and platforms. Hence, it won’t matter what device you or your kid uses for playing. It will work. For example, recently, the game chose to drop any special branding that used to come with each device. Hence, there is no longer Minecraft Xbox. It is just ‘Minecraft’ now. If it is the same for all users across all platforms, then why bother with all those extra names, right? Additionally, all console users (in this case, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) have their new updates for free.

What is crossplay?

A cross-platform game means that players can engage in the game together even when they do it using various hardware. Hence, for example, players can use different gaming consoles as one plays on some version of Xbox and another on Nintendo. Playing from PC and tablets (whether Windows-based or Apple) is also possible even when you are two gamers who are playing together. However, we shall discuss the differences and nuances of such a play further on in the text.

So, all Minecraft players are capable of cross-save, meaning that it doesn’t matter what platform you are using to play when you press save. Your progress will be stored on servers regardless of the hardware you are using. So, players can easily switch between different devices without worrying about losing their progress and achievements in the game.

The downfall here is that all devices and platforms come with different control schemes. Hence, a player will need to adjust its game to the new devices. Of course, the difference between keyboard usage, console, and tablet will be more noticeable than the difference between two consoles. Still, you or your child will have to adjust to those minor (and not so much) changes which can affect the overall gaming experience and progress.

To wrap up

As you can see, Minecraft really did everything possible to ensure that nothing stops its players from the game. It is a perfect game to play with anyone online, even when you have different devices, gaming consoles at home. Minecraft will still let you play and have fun together. It is also a perfect option for a travel game since you don’t need a PC or laptop. Just grab a tablet, or simply download the game on your smartphone. It should be enough for you for the duration of a trip. Oh, and don’t worry about extra assignments while on vacation. Just search “write essay for me online” and find the service to meet your needs.

Meanwhile, see if the Airbnb you are staying in has any consoles at all. Whatever they have should be good enough for the Minecraft game. Hence, accessing your Minecraft world shouldn’t really be a problem wherever you are. Fortunately, the game itself has no end, really. It keeps evolving, diversifying, and growing. So you will never get bored of it.


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