March 14 2023

What Do Marijuana Seeds Do?


Do you want to understand how pot seeds of marijuana work? In this short guide, Herbies explains what determines the properties of weeds, which seeds are better for growing, and how to make sure they don’t lose their properties.

What Determines the Properties of Weed?

The properties of marijuana depend on which substance predominates in its composition: THC or CBD.

In fact, these two substances have the same molecular structure (21 carbon atoms + 30 hydrogen atoms + 2 oxygen atoms). However, the arrangement of the atoms is slightly different, so the effects of THC and CBD on the body are different. They both cause the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. At the same time, THC is psychoactive, meaning it causes euphoria, and CBD is considered non-psychoactive.

THC is the substance responsible for getting high. When it is absorbed into the bloodstream and enters the brain, it makes the body release dopamine. This leads to euphoria. If you consume too much THC, you may experience fatigue, drowsiness, and paranoia.

CBD doesn’t make you high but has a relaxing, anticonvulsant effect. It is used to relax, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, etc. The low CBD content in marijuana helps balance the effect of THC, reducing paranoia.

Do Marijuana Seeds Get You High?

No, marijuana seeds don’t get you high. You can find various recipes on the Internet, such as boiling the seeds in oil or grinding and eating them. But the truth is that the seeds don’t contain enough THC, the substance responsible for the high. Its maximum concentration is found in the leaves and flowering parts of the plant. They are the ones used for smoking, cooking, etc.

Which Marijuana Seeds to Choose: Male or Female?

If you want to grow a weed that can get you high, you need only female plants. They form the seedless bud that contains the psychoactive substance THC. In stores, seeds from which female plants grow are sold with the label “feminizedю”

If you sow male and female seeds next to each other, the male plant will pollinate the female one. As a result, the flower will be fertilized, contain seeds, and will not be suitable for smoking.

How to Store Marijuana Seeds So That They Do Not Lose Their Properties?

The biggest enemies of marijuana seeds are temperature changes, humidity, oxygen, and light. It’s best to store the seeds in a small container, perhaps with a bag of silica gel to absorb excess moisture. Put them in a dark closet or drawer in a room that is not affected by extreme temperature changes. A garage or balcony is not the best place.

Theoretically, seeds can be stored in a No Frost freezer, but unless you plan to keep them for a year or longer, it doesn’t make sense.

At Herbies, you can find exceptionally high-quality seeds that germinate in almost 100% of cases if you follow the instructions. Each seed is accompanied by a description that indicates the percentage of THC and CBD. You will always know what effect the plant will produce.


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