September 20 2022

What skins can drop when open cases CS:GO?


Beginners are often interested in what skins can drop out when open cases CS GO after the game and whether it is possible to get an expensive, exclusive item almost at the start of eSports activity. If we discard the theory of probability, error, total percentage, and complex mathematical calculation models, you can get Dragon Lore even in the first battle, playing on official servers. Only they drop not only from boxes with collectible guns but also full-fledged skins.

But let’s go down from heaven to earth and reason soberly. If the chance for a secret or classified weapon would be about 3-5% when open cases of CS GO, the entire economy of the game would collapse instantly, and the current rarities of $30,000-50,000 would not exist in principle. For Valve, CS:GO is one of the most successful tools for making money and promoting its Steam platform. Therefore, do not expect concessions from Comrade Gabe and increased chances of getting a valuable drop.

If we talk about cases, then the situation of the drop is as follows:

  • Blue – 80%;
  • Purple – 15%;
  • Pink – 3%;
  • Red – 0.6%;
  • Gold – 0.25%.

Not the most impressive numbers. But if you dig even deeper and include extraneous objects in the probability, the picture becomes even more interesting. You know that in CS GO, in addition to skins, graffiti also falls after the game, and this is almost a 50% chance NOT to get a weapon. Yes, and an expensive drawing is highly problematic to see. It is much easier to buy them for $1.5-2; they are of little interest to anyone.

Is it possible to increase the drop?

If you play honestly, but not for the first year, all legal attempts to wind up the skins counter will automatically fail. The gaming system is built, so beginners without a premium account receive the most significant profit during the first three to four weeks.

From this follows an entirely logical conclusion – the creation of a farm with bots. But to do the same system as with IDLE servers will not work; you will have to play all matches honestly and leave them only when the system allows you to do this. We also recommend that you set a notification about restarting servers. This moment comes on Wednesdays at GMT + 3. At such moments, the chance to get something is the highest.

But most importantly, the server must be official and protected by the standard VAC anti-cheat. And therefore, all the “breaking” modifications are out of the question. Banned in three seconds, and the inventory will be sealed.

There are other ways to speed up the receipt of something rare and exciting, but they are paid. We mean operations like Shattered Web or Breakthrough. And not everyone is ready to take the time to earn virtual achievements and farm experience to increase their rank and account level.

Skin profitability

We have talked for a long time and with inspiration about the chances, the drop rate, and the quality of the items, but do they make sense? For beginners, yes, and consumer goods can be quite good visually. What is at least the MAC-10 Indigo or P90 Storm? Not the ultimate dream, but much better than stock.

But if you play for more than one year, there is no point in gray and blue skins. This is the time to hunt for cases or sales on trading floors. Here you can find top skins for any weapon, agents, stickers, knives, and many other exciting things at a very attractive price.

And if you have extra items in your inventory, hand them over to the marketplace, transfer the money to your balance and buy precisely the skin you have been dreaming about for so long.


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