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What to do to get a Netflix account from a third-party source



Netflix is a fantastic online streaming service, but it can be quite pricey if you buy it on a subscription basis. For this reason, many users might prefer to view Netflix through other means, such as purchasing an account from a third-party provider. This article will show you how to find the best deals for your money when buying a Netflix account from a third-party source.

1 . Direct ISP Streaming

In some cases, the best way to get Netflix access may be direct with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), who will have already paid the license fees necessary for their subscribers to watch digitally distributed video content. When using an ISP’s services, you’ll need to check whether or not they have enabled these license fees and, if so, how you can set up a Netflix account.

2 . Check For Promotional Offers

For users of major ISPs, the best place to look for information about promotional rates on Netflix may be on your ISP’s official website. Although it is more often the case that subscribers have streaming access built into their existing broadband package, there are some cases in which these promotional offers become available for individuals who would like them. In addition, if you’re looking for good Netflix deals on TV subscription services, shopping around with an ISP might save you money down the line.

3 . Don’t Forget About Bundled Packages

Sometimes, signing up for one service over another could lead to huge financial savings, especially when bundling your service together with your ISP. For example, when you sign up for an ISP service that comes with not only access to digital video content like Netflix – but also digital music services like Spotify and iTunes, this can lead to huge savings in terms of subscription fees (more than likely at the expense of commercial content).

4 . Look To Third-Party Streaming Sites

For users who decide that the best way to watch Netflix is through third-party providers, several different options are available. Many people looking for better Netflix deals subscriptions will share login information with friends and family members – which means they can all enjoy their favorite online streaming services without spending any additional money. However, if this isn’t something you would be interested in, third-party providers are a great alternative.

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5 . Don’t Neglect The Local Library

Although public libraries tend to lack the access to content that Netflix subscribers have grown accustomed to, they provide free digital video streaming services for members of their community. Many libraries offer access to items on the Internet Archive and YouTube Prime, which means you may be able to find some exciting videos without having to pay a penny. In addition, these entities often have better Netflix deals with third-party Netflix providers looking for new subscribers meaning you could save yourself even more money.

6 . Look For Cheaper Deals On Third-Party Sites

Once you’ve decided that a subscription service isn’t what you’re after – many people will turn towards private sales marketplaces to find the best deals on their Netflix accounts. Many private sites sell access to online streaming services for less than the cost of what you would generally pay for through an authorized vendor, and often these come with better-licensing terms. However, it should be noted that it is against the user agreement for individuals to purchase or share their login information, so if you go this route, do so at your own risk.

7 . Buy Regional VPNs

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to get around geographic restrictions on content while still paying as little money as possible, buying regional VPNs is often the best option out there. Although it takes some time and effort to connect multiple devices to a single account – by using a VPN like this, you’ll be able to unblock Netflix content without paying for subpar access.


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