August 7 2023

What to study to be a game developer?


Who are game developers, and what is necessary to study to succeed in this field?

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing industries, which has 2.8 billion followers worldwide and requires technical and creative skills to develop interactive games for large audiences.

If you decide to succeed in developing online game development, there are some important aspects of the profession that you need to be familiar with.

What will you need to do daily? 

Your daily routine will include:

  • translate requirements into efficient codes;
  • build the engine on which the game will run;
  • write scripts;
  • implement audio and visual effects;
  • test the created product;ф
  • prescribe technical specifications;
  • identify and fix bugs and problems.

Although the profession is interesting, it’s quite difficult, so you will need perseverance and patience to complete all the tasks and produce an excellent product.

Necessary knowledge to become a professional game developer

To become a professional game manufacturer, you must receive such knowledge and proficiency.

  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree. Formal education with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering is obligatory. However, HR managers are looking for specialists with advanced certificates that show fundamental knowledge in a particular area. Therefore, look for courses with practical work on programming tools.
  2. You can also get additional skills in calculus, 3D graphics, C++, etc.
  3. At school, improve your physics and mathematics. They are very important for you to create computer algorithms. Deep knowledge of algebra, statistics, geometry and game theory will allow you to be an excellent pro in game development.
  4. You must learn Java, Python, and other programming languages to write game codes. You will most likely have to take additional courses in these subjects at work. However, it’s much better to brush up on them than to learn from scratch.
  5. Study the literature so that you can create the plot of your game. You should be able to think up original stories and create narrative schemes and plot lines that will be useful to you in future work.
  6. Drawing is important for all game developers. Additional courses in the drawing will not interfere with your work if you want to become a real specialist.

As you can see, a video game developer should be versatile and have many skills. As for the character traits suitable for the profession, you must be patient, diligent, stress-resistant, and critical thinking.

You should prepare a good portfolio after receiving all the necessary skills and knowledge. This is a must if you want to impress your potential employer. Create your own game or add new elements to an existing story that showcase your skills in coding, visual effects, design, or production.

Remember that every professional started with a simple and gradually mastered new heights. After all, even such details as large print klondike solitaire require special knowledge and skills.


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