November 22 2022

Who Are the All-Time Richest Gamblers


The all-time total of gamblers can never be reduced to numbers or at least precise numbers. The industry has always been something very attractive to many people; even the times gambling was far from being legal.

Bettors have always managed to find a way to keep their favorite games and to hide them whenever the laws prohibited this type of action.

In recent history, gambling became permitted by the authorities of Monaco around the 1850s. But the activity goes as far back as an era in which history was not even written, as far as the Paleolithic period. And on the USA’s side, gambling became a legal activity in the 30s, and the first state to pass the necessary rules for opening a betting venue was Nevada. Nevada was the only state to operate casinos for an extended period. And for an extended period, people were willing to travel from different locations to enjoy their favorite games.

Because online casinos are now licensed in a few states, gamblers can have fun whenever suits their schedule. And chose from a large variety of gambling providers to pick the platform according to their budget and do the same for their favorite game. Among the many benefits of an online casino is the diversity of bonuses. Many users decide what online casino is best for them by comparing the rewards section. The top search for the best promotion is online casino no deposit bonus.

The gambling industry is one that is composed of enormous amounts of money and massive tournament prizes. This industry was not a mystery for the players who won real fortunes and became internationally known names. They managed to bring impressive mindsets to the table and even to put the casinos’ rules to the border of being legal.

Edward O. Thorp

The author of Beat the Dealer – A Winning Strategy for The Game of Twenty-One also used his knowledge to earn substantial prizes in casinos from Las Vegas and Reno.

His book is the first to prove a player can reduce the house edge in Blackjack by using mathematics. When he wrote this Blackjack guide, it was considered the best method to follow the number of high-value and low-value cards.

Edward Thorp successfully used the counting-the-cards method in different gambling venues. According to him, the first bankroll was, in fact, money that he borrowed from a friend, and they together won $11,000 just on the first night of playing.

He is also famous for being one of the first players to include disguise in his play routine as a preventive method of casinos refusing him to play or cash in his prizes.

His technique dates from the mid-1960, and he is famous for winning roulette, baccarat, and even backgammon.

Phil Ivey

A name well-known in the poker world, Phil Ivey is legendary for winning ten bracelets in the World Series of Poker. He is considered to be the best poker player of all time.

Originating from California, the professional poker player is known for over $100 million net worth. Most of this came from poker tournaments, but he also won impressive amounts in baccarat.

The gambler had two significant prizes in litigation, as the casinos pressed charges and refused to pay the amounts based on using illegal techniques. This is the case for the British casino Crockfords, where Phil Ivey won $ 11 million in baccarat and, once again, later in the Borgata casino. He never cashed in the prizes as the court favored the venues.

Chris Moneymaker

A fortunate coincidence of having the name Chris Moneymaker is a very important name in poker history. Not only is he worldwide famous, but he also had a decisive impact on the gambling industry.

Before becoming an international professional player, he was an accountant that never had participated in any live poker competition. In 2003 he won the World Series of Poker, and later on, participating in competitions against the most skilled poker players, he won his first big prize of $2.5million. He was still considered an amateur poker player and was not given too many chances back then.

Further in his tournament participation, he won other first prizes, with values of $300,000 and $35,000.

His story inspired many gamblers, as he is known for turning a $40 bankroll into a treasure of $2.5 million. You can discover more details in his autobiography, a best-selling book launched in 2005.

Don Johnson

The gambler became legendary for his phenomenal skills in blackjack, from which he won an absolute fortune with no cards counting whatsoever. His total prizes have a value of more than $15 million. And his most distinguished moves in gambling are those from 2011 – 2021 against the three casinos from Atlantic City.

Don Johnson also used impressive negotiation skills for his participation in tournaments. His agreement with the casinos put him in a favorite position by lowering the house edge, so his losing turned into a version with few chances. The rules he introduced in the negotiation changed the standard of precautions in the casino world, and now it is not as easy for other players to get such a contract.

Going up the ladder to the level of a professional gambler is a bold move that needs total implication, great people skills, a solid ability to appreciate the risks while playing correctly, and staying realistic. Determination and perfect timing have put these players in the category of best of the best; their names are internationally famous, they became an inspiration, and they also won great amounts of money.


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