October 21 2023

Why Minecraft Is So Addictive


Minecraft is addictive. It is a fact that cannot be denied. According to several studies that have taken place recently, it is one of the most influential games currently available on the market. At this point, it is inevitable to mention that not only children are crazy about it, but also a considerable number of adults who are ready to sacrifice their family, work, and hobbies in order to spend some time playing the game.

Believe it or not, but a considerable number of college students are ready to spend money in order to get professionals to deal with their homework so that they have an opportunity to immerse themselves in their favorite game. What makes people pay for essay cheap, ignore their children, have no lunch, and relish no rest? Minecraft and the addiction it forms is one of the most common reasons for the problem.

Main Reasons That Make People Addicted to the Game

While some video games are interesting, appealing, and exciting, any advantages of this one are dimmed by its downsides. In fact, Minecraft is a trivial video game that does not differ from its counterparts, but its gameplay, scenario, certain features, and characteristics make people too overwhelmed. However, this is not the bare interest or excitement that makes people addicted to Minecraft.

Financial Dependence

It is critical to mention that the vast majority of Minecraft players are financially dependent on their parents, so it seems to be an effective way to become independent. Nonetheless, in most cases, people get double-dependent, not only on the parents but also on the game. Striving to earn money, players frequently forget how much they spend, rejoicing even the small victory instead. The results of such experiences are usually demotivating, as players usually find themselves to be completely broke.

Risk and Curiosity

It is important to highlight that the vast majority of those who play Minecraft seems to lack emotions. Striving to replace real events and experiences with online ones, they do not even notice how addicted they get. Lucrative in-game rewards, quick development of events, easy progression, and an array of other options make them excited and fulfilled.

Besides, it is interesting to mention that females are more likely to get addicted to the game than men. Additionally, people who have decent work and good families have lower chances of developing Minecraft-related addiction.


When you understand the objective of the game, you may acknowledge another reason for its popularity. The main task of the player is to survive irrespective of all the tribulations and problems. Striving to accomplish the mission and stay safe, the player should find resources, such as coal and iron, and instruments, like axes, ovens, and shovels. Some of them can be used for the protection of the territory, while others for personal uses.

Anyway, it seems that the players feel powerful and frequently almighty the moment they detect everything they need for success. This feeling is exceptionally pleasing and addictive. Thus, what do they prefer to do after a long and tiresome day at work? Right, feel influential and powerful, at least in the game.


At some point, players start building farms, buying chickens, sheep, and cows. Then, they build houses and barns. They protect their belongings from enemies and intruders, becoming more and more powerful. Consequently, the feeling of independence is too sweet. It turns a simple experience of playing video games into an addiction.

In the vast majority of instances, it happens to people who cannot achieve anything in real life. Thus, they substitute reality so that they can feel influential and meaningful, at least online.


Finally, the last reason why people love playing Minecraft is just that it offers an exciting plot, appealing gameplay, and a plethora of features that contribute to the experience. Once the players succeed with one stage, they strive to proceed to the next one as fast as possible. It can last for eternity unless gamers are strong-willed enough to stop it.

Effective Ways to Avoid Addiction

While all the above-mentioned factors may be a bit scary, the situation is not as bad as you might think. First of all, it is critical to remember that everything depends on you and on the decisions you make. There are simple ways to avoid the addiction or deal with its outcomes. Adhere to a few simple tips to stay safe playing Minecraft:

  • Limit the time you can spend playing the game. It will depend on other tasks and assignments you have to deal with. Do not quit important meetings or events to spend time playing Minecraft.
  • Do your homework first. It is a recommendation for pupils and college students, who launch the game right after they are back home. Forget about an opportunity to get help from online services and focus on your academic success.
  • Spend some time with your family and friends. Socialization is one of the critical aspects people cannot live without. Therefore, it is indispensable to have quality time interacting with people before diving into the world of video games.

Finally, it is impossible to deny that Minecraft is addictive, but there are tons of effective ways to prevent the negative outcomes. Take your time to learn the most negative impacts the game may have on your emotional and psychological state and find effective ways to eliminate them. Once you succeed with it, you get an opportunity to relish your favorite video game without any harmful outcomes.


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