November 5 2023

All you need to know about Iga Swiatek


Athlete Iga Swiatek (May 31, 2001, in the city) from Warsaw. The girl’s father was a cyclist. The young girl started her career six years ago. The Swedish ITF competitions were an important moment for her. In 2018-19, she became the pride of her country. Information about the athlete is available here Iga Swiatek live score.

And also here A significant stage for the girl is that she ended up in the final WTA games.

As a teenager, the girl received the Federation Cup. The end of this period is the Olympics. Iga became the champion together with the Slovenian athlete K. Juvan. According to according wikipedia’s article, recently, the girl’s coach is P. Sezhputovsky, and the team psychologist D. Abramovich also helps her. Iga’s sister, Agatha, also played tennis but left it because she was constantly injured.


2016 – 2017

At the very beginning of her career, the athlete beat O. Danilovich in the final match of the Canadian Junior Championship. This is followed by success in the ITF senior competition in Sweden. At fifteen, the girl defeated M. Kostyuk in the winter of 2017. After that, the tennis player beat M. Di Giuseppe in the Bergamo competition. Then there was a long break due to leg surgery. But this did not stop the young girl. Her return was just fabulous. By the way, you might be interested in the article: Swiatek wins the US Open.

2018 – 2019

At seventeen, Iga and K. McNally defeated Y. Naito and N. Sato in the final game in France. After that, the tennis player ended up in the semifinals, losing three games to McNally. At Wimbledon, the girl ended up in the Grand Slam final in her age category. It happened in the summer of 2018. Then the Swedish athlete lost to Iga. Iga was in the top four players in her country among juniors. Then Iga had two more important victories.

In 2018, she played in the Argentinean competitions. The athlete received a prize in a doubles match with K. Yuvan. They defeated the representatives of Japan. But 2019 has gotten a little worse. Before the Australian competition, the girl won once, but then something went wrong again.

In winter, the athlete ended up at the Hungarian competitions. In the Swiss duel, she beat V. Kuzhmova. Bypassing V. Lapko and K. Pliskova, the girl who took part in the final meetings of the WTA, P. Herzog triumphantly won.

A very influential event was the French breakthrough. She was the youngest athlete to reach the 2nd week in the Grand Slam. A. Anisimova did it before her.

2020 – 2021

She got into the 4th round at the Australian competitions, but A. Kontaveit bypassed her. In the USA, Sviontek defeated Russian athlete Veronika Kudermetova and American Sachiya Vickery. But V. Azarenka bypassed her.

The Australian breakthrough brought Sviontek a triumphant cycle in Grand Slam competitions. Iga beat Arancia Rus, 15th in the draw, 6:1, 6:3, then defeated Camila Giorgi. The final stage was victorious over Fiona Ferro (6:4, 6:3), but the fourth ended in failure; Simona Halep bypassed her, with a score of 3:6, 6:1, 6:4.

But still, February brought Iga a triumph in the WTA 500 competition in Adelaide, where she managed not to lose in 5 meetings. In the final meeting, she overtook the 12th racket of the world B. Bencic (6:2, 6:2).


At the Australian Open, Sviontek received number seven in the draw, hitting the semi-finals, but lost to US tennis player D. Collins (4-6 1-6).

Since February 2022, victories have poured into Iga’s piggy bank one by one. It was amazing. So many successful games in a row.

In April this year, the girl became the best in the world. Iga Sventek then took the lead in the WTA 500 series event at the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart on the ground. This is a real success in the WTA competition in indoor courts. After the victory over Arina Sobolenko, it was the 23rd consecutive victory in the game season. In these 23 matches, the polka lost only 5 games.

June also brought Swiatek victory. Iga Sventek repeated the 21st-century record for the number of victorious meetings (35 in a row).



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