November 6 2023

Should you Avoid some Slots?


Video slots are often released at an extremely fast rate. You can see new games launched by companies almost on a weekly basis. In fact, there have been some developers that have put out weekly releases over the course of a year in the past. Is this always a good thing though? We’ve taken a look at why some developers have such a quick release schedule, and whether this is a good thing or not.

Why Release so Many Games

Whenever you look at an online casino, you’ll see that one of the most prominent sections for video slots is the new games section. You only have to look at the top sites at NorgesCasino, to see that the new games section is massively hot.

This is the main reason that software developers look to put out so many new releases. By being on the new games section, it means that more players will see fresh titles, and they will want to play them. Obviously, this means that there is a rush from companies to get these games released, and put them out on the new games section.

What this Means

By putting out games on quickly, it means that certain shortcuts have to be taken. Some of the biggest casino developers will be used to making these shortcuts, and as such, they can put out a lot of different games very quickly. However, the shortcuts that are taken, do tend to have a detrimental impact on the quality of games.

There are two main ways that this has an impact on the quality of the titles. The first is rushing the games to get them finished. This means that the games won’t be created to as high a quality as they normally would, and therefore certain aspects of the games won’t be up to the required standards.

This can mean that the features used, aren’t as impressive as players are used to, the sounds might not be included, or the standard of the graphics is much lower than normal. These are all ways that the games can be released, but even though they may become popular, they won’t have the same level of quality as games that were released before.

Another way that studios put out games quickly, is by using previous games as a template. So, the mathematics and mechanics that power a game might be taken exactly as it is in another game, and the graphics are changed. This wouldn’t require any additional coding, all it would need is for the graphics pack within the original game to be changed.

This means that a lot of the games that are put out as new releases are copies of older games with a refreshed skin. This is another way that players can feel cheated if they think they are getting a new game to play, but it’s just a rehash of an older title.

Is it Counterproductive?

This is something that a lot of people are trying to work out. By constantly releasing new games it does mean that the quality is being diluted somewhat. This can be the case with releasing either poor-quality titles or copies of older games.

While it does put the games onto the new games sections, which does increase how many people play the games in the short term, what it also does, is make people associate the studios with poor quality games.

If a studio wants to be a success in the long term, then it has to put out quality games over a long period of time. By releasing lots of games in a short space of time, it might keep the studio in the minds of players for all of the wrong reasons.

As such, it could become apparent that it’s a counterproductive strategy to release lots of games at a fast pace if the quality suffers by doing so. It may see short-term results, but the top developers take their time to make sure they release quality games.


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