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Biggest Comebacks Ever In Super Bowl History


One of the things that make the Super Bowl special is the sheer competitiveness from the athletes that often results in games playing down to the wire.

The Super Bowl is played by the best teams from the NFL that have a great regular season and manage to get through the Playoffs. This often means that there is little to separate both teams when it comes to skills, and as a result, anything is possible during a Super Bowl game.

Over the year’s we’ve seen many incredible comebacks from teams that were counted off even in the second quarter. Can you imagine winning the Super Bowl after being down 25 or more points? Such spectacular turns over the years have made the Super Bowl even more exciting to watch, no matter if you are a fan that cheers for the losing team.

True football fans live for such moments and respect huge comebacks that bring the heat up the game down to the last minute.

Football is a game where things can change instantly, and after a couple of mistakes teams that were in the lead can quickly fall down and lose the game. All it takes is one interception and the game could turn in a different direction.

So today we have not just the 5 biggest comebacks in Super Bowl history, but 6. Take a look at the 6 games we highlighted and tell us if you agree.

Giants vs Patriots (Super Bowl XLVI)

It seems like the long-awaited rematch of the Super Bowl XLII paid off for the Giants in an exciting match that nobody saw it coming. The Giants found themselves as underdogs facing Tom Brady’s Patriots in perfect form with the Super Bowl title locked on their vision.

The Giants were down 17-9 points in the fourth quarter, where many people already counted them off. However, they managed to close the gap to 17-15 after a pair of field goals.

The game went down-to-the-wire after impressive defense from the Giants that didn’t allow Brady to make any moves. This led to Eli Manning’s impressive touchdown in the closing minutes of the game which put the Giants in the lead with 21-17. With little over a minute to go, the Patriots didn’t have enough time to get back into the game.

Brady is known for his moments in Super Bowl games where he was able to turn things around and secure a win for his team after a couple of impressive passes. However, this time he wasn’t able to work his magic and secure the win for the Patriots.

Giants vs Bills (Super Bowl XXV)

It seems like the Giants have nerves of steel since most of their Super Bowl appearances went to the last minute after a full-comeback. This time they’ve played against the Bills where they were down 12-3 points moments before halftime. They managed to force a three-and-out and find the end zone to bounce back to 12-10.

In the second half, the Giants managed to turn the lead, but since it was 20-19, it didn’t give them enough breathing space safely to close the match. The situation went to the last nine seconds where Scott Norwood had a chance to nail a 47-yarder, but it went wide right and the Giants secured the lead.

Washington vs Broncos (Super Bowl XXII)

The Broncos thought that they had the game locked after securing a 10-0 lead in the first half. The situation changed drastically after John Elway’s two interceptions in the second quarter which changed the whole motion of the game.

The Broncos didn’t score another point, and on the other hand, Washington managed to secure the win with 42-10.

Saints vs Colts (Super Bowl XLIV)

The Colts started the game strongly and were up 10-0 against Drew Brees and the Saints. However, the Saints managed to get the lead back in the third quarter after 13 straight points. Since then, both teams traded a pair of touchdowns and the Colts were down 24-17.

Peyton Manning had the chance to lead his team for a potential game-winning drive, but instead, he threw a pick-six and the Saints secured the lead with 31-17.

Patriots vs Seahawks (Super Bowl XLIX)

The Seahawks thought that they will bring the champion’s trophy home after getting a 24-14 lead against the Patriots, but Tom Brady had other ideas. Just like in most games, Brady is a player that shines in difficult moments in the game. He managed to answer with two clutch touchdowns in the last quarter against the fierce defense of the Seahawks.

The game was decided in the last minute after the Seahawks got a chance for a go-ahead touchdown at the one-yard line. However, Russel Wilson threw an interception to Malcolm Butler which made the Patriots secure a 28-24 lead and win the Super Bowl.

Patriots vs Falcons (Super Bowl LI)

It seems like Brady is a mastermind for comebacks as the Patriots are featured in the most clutch moments in NFL history. This was probably the most miraculous comeback in Super Bowl history.

Most people have already given up on the Patriots win after being down 28-3 with eight minutes to go in the third quarter.

This is the time when Tom Brady is activated. He and his team managed to score five straight drives, including two touchdown drives and two successful two-point conversions which tied the game at 28.

The game went in extra time where the Patriots won the coin toss and were elected to receive the ball. This opened up the opportunity to secure the win and moments after James White scored a 2-yard touchdown bringing the Super Bowl trophy home.

This was one of the most impressive Super Bowl games in history that were full of excitement and drama down to the last seconds in the game. On top of that, we have an incredible 25 point comeback from the Patriots helping them write history that will be remembered forever.

Let’s hope that this year’s Super Bowl will be another exciting game to watch where teams will battle to the last minute.


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