March 25 2024

Drupal 9 Migration Services


Complex cross-platform Drupal migration service to increase the efficiency and security of your site is carried out by specialists of the well-known drupal migration company. It’s home to an experienced product development team that puts customer success first. Our Drupal migration specialists are happy to help you choose the best method.

The update should happen on time. There is always a way to improve something. As an active Drupal user, you know how important it is to keep your CMS up-to-date. This enhances user experience and performance and keeps your data safe. Anyforsoft experts make upgrading Drupal smooth and easy. Reliable and affordable Drupal upgrade services are provided to meet your needs.

The comprehensive approach of Anyforsoft employees to migration

Providing Drupal migration services, Anyforsoft strives to develop a customized solution for each situation while creating a user-centric digital experience. The critical approach involves several essential and optional steps to ensure a successful migration. Drupal is the best choice for media companies. Bring your creative ideas to life with flexible and advanced modules ideal for multi-channel broadcasts and personalization. It effectively increases your income with monetization tools. Switch to Drupal today for better performance and a competitive edge.

The Drupal-based CMS platform provides e-commerce functionality that enhances brand expression and improves user experience. Drupal migration services from Anyforsoft include Drupal migration (migrating existing sites to Drupal) and upgrades. Professional upgrade staff identifies the most reliable ways to improve the design and usability of your website. Make your site attractive to everyone: Update your site for desktop and mobile browsers. The food industry needs reliable, efficient, and scalable solutions. Drupal is a constant innovation in content management tools. Organize, configure, present, and manage everything you need with unlimited possibilities. Build your website with the latest version of Drupal, which offers many options to run your business successfully, including multilingual features, mobile responsiveness, and improved security.

Why Choose Anyforsoft’s Drupal Migration and Upgrade Services?

Years of successful experience working with Drupal enables the experienced staff of Anyforsoft to solve the most complex and challenging tasks. A thoroughly comprehensive approach to performing reliable Drupal migrations is used, and an efficient upgrade service is offered to keep your Drupal website updated. Anyforsoft specialists use all their experience and knowledge to create or find an effective and balanced solution for your needs. Depending on the specifics of your project, Anyforsoft will create a communication system through which you can contact specialists if you need to.

Are you an experienced player in the world of online business and have been working for a long time? Your site was created a long time ago and is outdated. You may be using an old CMS to manage your website content. Suddenly, you realize that your current CMS needs to meet your current needs and is falling behind the competition. What to do, then? There is an effective solution! Let’s see why Drupal 9 is the best choice for migrating from an old CMS.

CMS Migration: Why?

Simply put, CMS migration moves web resources from one CMS (content management system) to another. The main reasons are dissatisfaction with the existing CMS due to the speed of loading pages due to the lack of necessary functions and settings. This can be a big problem if you edit your site and need help controlling its content. Drupal 9 is primarily a content management system. This means your content comes first. To simplify the update process, Drupal is best known and loved for its ease of publishing content. The best choice for heavy websites with lots of informational content. Working with Drupal 9 does not require special knowledge and is suitable for employees without experience in the IT industry. It saves time and is easy to use. For this, it is optional to hire new employees. Drupal supports creating pages that consider the target device’s minimum screen size. If you’re still wondering why you should migrate to Drupal, the answer is to meet your customers’ needs. Responsive website design is part of a mobile strategy. In other words, it is the process of determining the screen size and setting a template for a specific screen size. This strategy is implemented using a mobile Drupal theme.

The most secure CMS

As a CMS, Drupal 9 has security in its genes. Even governments rely on Drupal to develop their websites. Drupal security is a hot topic. Stable core and module updates make Drupal highly functional and secure. Another security measure is data encryption—for example, password encryption, length, validity, complexity, etc. In addition, the database is encrypted to protect certain information. One of the apparent reasons why Drupal 9 is considered an ideal choice for transitioning from a traditional CMS is the ease and speed of content delivery. Drupal 9 is flexible, so you don’t have to worry about losing content during migration with experienced professionals at Anyforsoft. This allows you to migrate both the architecture and content of your website. You won’t lose your SEO ranking by building your website from scratch—seamless migration to Drupal 9 with Anyforsoft and other migration engines.

Drupal 9 is perfect for Website positioning

Upgrading to Drupal 9 can improve your site’s performance. Unlike traditional CMS, Drupal is a powerful search engine optimization tool. Many SEO plugins make it easy to optimize your Drupal site. This has a positive effect on his further successful promotion. For example, a meta tags plugin is designed to generate meta descriptions, titles, and keywords automatically. The XML Sitemap plugin helps index your site. These already-mentioned plugins and others make Drupal an ideal CMS for SEO migration. Pretty convincing, right? Migrating can seem complicated, but you can do it with others. Trust the professional staff of Anyforsoft, who specializes in migration and do everything for you. Be on time! Please get in touch with Anyforsoft. Professionals will make every effort to help you as quickly as possible.

Using scalable, efficient Drupal 9 solutions

It would help if you understood that your organization’s website will initially bring a certain number of people together and will have minimal content and functionality. With Drupal 9 and the team of professionals from Anyforsoft, you can make it an entire site with thousands of customers and endless possibilities. Drupal 9 is ideal for any organization, including non-commercial sites. Drupal works well for complex websites with rich content. Also suitable for high-traffic areas or places with variable traffic. Drupal can be a great addition to your business. Its performance and scalability are enough for small and efficient websites with great features, thousands of pieces of content, and many visitors. As your organization grows, you won’t need to change your CMS or migrate your content to something more advanced. Drupal is a great CMS for websites because it adapts to your needs. If you are using another CMS and want to move your website to Drupal without losing SEO, Anyforsoft can help you quickly.

Use Drupal, the most secure CMS for business websites

Drupal is considered one of the most secure CMS in the world. Meets current safety standards. It also uses different levels of protection against hacker attacks. This applies not only to the security of transactions but also to the security of your website and the safety of your data. All transactions are safe and hassle-free. You can choose from over 500 security modules. Undoubtedly, Drupal website development is ideal for all kinds of business organizations. Drupal 9 is like a fortress with thousands of castles, high walls, and a vast army. At Anyforsoft, we guarantee that your site will be protected at all levels. Content management is straightforward. Website content matters more than you think. Content communicates your mission, shows what you do, proves you can be trusted, encourages action, and increases views. Adding and editing content on your website should be easy and fun but fast. When you choose Drupal 9 for your website, you get a great experience publishing content and customizing your workflow. Even non-technical people who have never created content can easily publish content. Drupal 9 includes a publishing and content editing system accessible to all users. In addition, you can translate not only the content but also the administration panel itself. This is useful when you have people who speak different languages on your team.

Use Drupal 9 for websites with easy integration with external APIs

Success depends entirely on the community of people behind your ideas. This is facilitated by the integration of Drupal with other systems. Drupal is generally designed as an API-based platform, distinguishing it from other CMSs. Drupal 9 is a great CMS because it allows you to share data and content between servers. Drupal can be integrated with applications, payment gateways, automation tools, CRM, social networks, and more. It can strengthen your organization’s website and attract new customers from other sources. Drupal is like Lego; you can build and add anything. 

Use Drupal, as this platform has strong community support

When you choose Drupal for your project, you get a new family of similar values. Drupal communities exist on all continents of the Earth. Community support means getting answers and help when you need it. Their mission is to make the world a better place with Drupal. This means the website constantly evolves and improves, thanks to constant open-source updates.

Additionally, members of the Drupal community have written hundreds, if not thousands, of installation guides. They are public. Drupal is one of the most popular CMS today. Its advantage is that it is reliable and available to all users. It’s used by companies ranging from government agencies to the website Pinterest. To download, you must know how to connect to FTP and configure the database. But if you work in this area, it takes less than a minute. Upgrading to Drupal 9 reduces installation time by 20%. Another reason to choose Drupal is the regular updates and ease. It doesn’t matter if you update your site to the latest or intermediate version. Don’t worry if you need to check Drupal for updates. Drupal notifies website owners of updates so they can use them as efficiently as possible. What if I need to update my site to the latest version? You can still get community support, but for a limited time. Updating is always better than standing still.

Drupal 9 is a better solution than any other CMS, with reliable support and dedicated developers, because it is a scalable platform. With Drupal, your website can prepare for traffic spikes and other unexpected events. The topic of online security is becoming more relevant every year. But if you’ve built your business on Drupal, you’re safe. To ensure the site’s safety, the Drupal community is constantly updating and publishing new updates. Drupal CMS is considered very useful and high quality due to continuous improvement. Web developers around the world develop and fix modules and bugs. Therefore, its development never ends. As a result of these works, the site created on Drupal can boast of its high quality. Drupal 9 is an entirely free CMS. You don’t need to buy a license or pay recurring fees. Anyone can install Drupal for free. This is open-source software, which you can migrate quickly and efficiently by ordering these services from Anyforsoft. Today, SEO is a vast battleground. If your website ranks well in search engines, it will be accessible to many users. A Drupal-based website has many options for optimizing it as efficiently as possible. A powerful SEO plugin and transparent code provide a solid foundation for building a well-optimized website.

5 essential steps to verify Drupal migration readiness

Migrating to Drupal 9 is a complex process that requires many steps. The five main steps of the Drupal migration readiness test performed by Anyforsoft staff include:

  • Analysis. The first step is a detailed analysis and thorough testing of your website before migration;
  • Inventory. So that nothing is lost in the future, there is a detailed inventory of all areas of the site;
  • Migration process. This is a vital part of the whole process;
  • Review. At this stage, the developer checks that everything is working as it should;
  • Positioning. This is the last step, the essence of which is to restore your SEO position.

A condition for a successful migration is the availability of all necessary access to the site. Anyforsoft website migration company will be able to successfully migrate your website to Drupal 9 once they receive all permissions. To migrate your site to the new Drupal 9, you need to grant the following permissions to Anyforsoft staff.

  • Access to the codebase;
  • Access to the environment;
  • Access to the database;
  • Access to integration.

All-access is reserved for site migration. Many developers choose Drupal for its flexible configuration and ease of use. The system has a straightforward interface, but many functions need to be clarified for beginners. Having some programming skills, you can create an online store or business card site for companies from various fields of activity. Drupal comes with many ready-to-use templates that you can use to enhance your website. After installing Drupal, developers get access to several modules that they can use to manage their websites.

Content – allows you to manage content and add new materials, files and media.

The structure is one of the main components of the Drupal CMS system. The main site management functions are contact forms, menus, and functional schemes. The features in this section are the core of Drupal.

Design – here, you can choose and customize a template (site theme).

Extensions are long application blocks that can be supplemented according to your needs and individual tasks—site search, shopping cart, and the possibility to comment on the site.

Configuration – settings menu. You can manage your accounts, media files, display styles, and file system and work with content.

Users – You can manage all registered users in this section, view their list, and assign the necessary roles.

Reports Blocks allow you to solve problems, view recent log entries, view popular searches, and more.

Help is a step-by-step guide for new Drupal 9 users.

Why do we need expansion? Modules are the backbone of Drupal CMS. However, more than these functions are required to create full-fledged online stores and multi-page sites. Plugins extend functionality and help you customize specific tasks on your site. There are many of them; they can cope with almost any job and need. Developers can choose the extensions they need or download versions with an additional set of standards. All modules work with wings, so you can’t do without them. Extensions allow developers to solve problems and obstacles. Plugins can be activated, deactivated, or deleted—your download from third-party pages and Drupal CMS forums, but only from safe and verified sites. The extension is free. This will be updated over time.

After successfully ordering the migration service from Anyforsoft, you can choose the desired template. You can download more from the Drupal website if you still need them. There are thousands of them, so with modern designs and customizable layouts, you can be sure to choose the best option for you. When choosing, pay attention to the structure of the form. How many blocks are on the page? Have they arranged the way you want them? Can they be changed without changing the code? To work with the template, you need to install it in the admin panel. Topics will appear in the drop-down list. This can be changed in the visual block layout editor. Works as a website builder. You can move the blocks around and adapt them to your needs. The theme options allow you to change the color scheme, customize the background overlay, and set a logo and icon. When a developer knows code and can work with HTML, he can freely customize the design. If you want to entrust this task to an expert, you can order his services from Anyforsoft. In the ninth version of Drupal, developers have greatly simplified the work with templates for displaying different types of pages. They cannot be used by programmers who only know the PHP language. You need to understand some simple HTML codes to edit themes freely.

Search optimization

Projects created with Drupal show up well in search engines, and search engines quickly index them. However, you should ensure that these sites appear higher in the search results. Basic SEO setup is done in Drupal. Without automation. You’ll need to write URLs, add meta tags for optimization, set up a sitemap, and more. Otherwise, page addresses differ only in the last digit, which complicates the task for users and search engines. Extensions and links to the entire module will help you solve these problems. The site page template must contain metadata input fields where you need to write:

  • The title of each page is the header.
  • Description.
  • Optimized keywords (search query).

These fields can be added by installing some extensions (real-time SEO and meta tags). They can be flexibly configured. An essential stage of optimization is the creation of a site map. This allows you to create an XML configuration module. We recommend that you download it before your site has several pages. After installing the site extension, the plugin will automatically download everything that was added to the map. A significant advantage of migrating to an open-source Drupal CMS is that it can be tailored to individual tasks and needs. The default configuration has limited functionality. That’s why there are so many extensions in the system. The system has forums where developers share their experiences and help each other. Drupal is ideal for professional programmers who can take a clean kernel from the design and build their own secure and stable configurations on its basis, as well as beginners who can work with ready-made builds.

Drupal can withstand heavy loads. Here, it is easy to configure caching and customize the design of external templates. The CMS is compatible with popular technologies such as jQuery and AJAX. Therefore, it has a comprehensive set of tools for working with multimedia (images and videos) and improving design. Comfortable work with scripts is also supported, especially when it comes to content processing. The multilingual user interface makes it easy to set up and run your site in multiple languages. A handy feature is support for multiple domains. You can set up several parts (areas) with the same content in one software environment and change them according to your preferences. The main advantage is that the modules are centralized overall network resources. You can save space on the server. In addition, the actual state of the software can be monitored only in some projects. In addition, the content management system is well-secured and challenging to hack.

Build reliable and secure websites with Drupal CMS. Such sites will be unique both in terms of design and architecture. The system is based on using different levels of access to user data. Drupal software features make creating large, multilingual, multi-domain projects relatively easy. This framework is distinguished by a high-quality cache system and optimized internal search on the site. The Drupal platform is modular and offers a wide range of functionality. Drupal is a full-fledged CMS that provides a convenient experience for developers and advanced users. Anyforsoft’s experienced specialists will help you migrate your project under Drupal CMS management.


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