March 24 2024

Cannabis Clubs In Spain: How They Are Work?


What is a cannabis club?

They are cannabis consumer organizations that come together to have a private space for consumption, create a closed and controlled self-supply circuit, and are based on risk prevention and harm reduction. In other words, they are users looking to get out of the black market and have a comfortable and adapted space to consume cannabis.

How does it work?

Users must submit an endorsement or testimony from a partner attesting that they are cannabis users. Then, sign a consumption forecast so that a global consumption forecast of the partners can be made and, in this way, have an orientation of how much to cultivate. In this way, these entities work from the demand for cannabis from their partners and not from the supply, which is prohibited by law, and since the closed circle is not broken, there is no distribution to third parties. You can check Barcelona weedmaps to find the right club for you.

Are cannabis clubs legal?

They were legal until last fall when the Supreme Court, in an unprecedented decision in a democracy, contradicted the provincial courts and autonomous courts and sentenced the leaders of various CSCs for a crime against public health. In this way, the CSCs are left in a situation of complete legal uncertainty. With these decisions, totally aimed at ending the CSC, one of the paths that serve as an example for many countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, or Germany in Europe, Uruguay, Mexico, or the US in America is exhausted.

Can anyone be a member?

No. Only people of legal age who were previously consumers and with an endorsement that certifies said consumer status could be members of said CSC. They are not open to minors, curious people, or tourists.

Can I be prosecuted or fined for being a member of a club?

Being a member of an association is not a crime and does not carry the risk of jail. However, due to the current legislation that penalizes the possession of cannabis on public roads, members who do not immediately consume cannabis and decide at their own risk and expense to take the cannabis home are subject to a possible administrative sanction.

Opinions of a Cannabis User

How will cannabis social clubs be regulated?

They will be regulated as non-profit entities or cooperatives, with the General Assembly as the highest management body and directed by a Board of Directors voted by the members.

Would they be legal?

Yes, as long as they meet the established requirements to be considered CSC, and they will be subject to obtaining a cultivation license for the distribution of cannabis among their partners.

Who could open a club?

Those people of legal age and cannabis users who are willing to work.

If it is so easy, is it not consumed more?

The CSCs establish protocols such as risk prevention talks and influence these factors to teach their members responsible consumption behaviors. They are introduced to the consumption triangle: person-substance-context, three basic pillars to take into account when consuming, and which are simple and key guidelines for responsible consumption. In addition, fractionation and ‘monodoses’ prevent ‘binge eating’ and abusive consumption.

How can I join a cannabis club?

In order to join a club, you need to receive an invitation from the club or one of its members. Otherwise, you will not be allowed into the club. Also, you will not find ads on the streets that talk about cannabis clubs. According to Spanish law, cannabis clubs and their premises must be closed to the public, and signs and advertising are prohibited.

The laws of Spain allow the use of marijuana only in the territory of a private closed space – a house/apartment or within the walls of a cannabis club.


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