March 23 2024

Top Treasure-Hunting Movies for Students


Treasure is not fiction, and there are still treasures hidden at the bottom of the sea or buried in the ground, worth millions and even billions. Treasures from ancient hiding places or sunken frigates tantalize fans of adventure and gold – and no wonder movie makers have come up with plenty of thrilling plots on the subject. Our list of movies about treasure hunts, treasures, and ancient artifacts includes adventure thrillers, chilling horror flicks, cool fantasy, and adventurous comedies. The movies are very entertaining, so we advise students to turn to the or do their homework on time.

Uncharted: Not on the Map (2022)

After leaving the orphanage, Nathan Drake works in a bar and trades in petty theft to keep himself out of debt. One day Victor Sullivan appears in his life and offers to take part in an adventure. To be more convincing, the man introduces himself as a buddy of Nathan’s older brother, who ran away from the orphanage 15 years ago. The boy agrees to search for treasure in the hope of finding another treasure.

The Lost City (2022)

In the treasure hunt movie, writer Loretta Sage has been absorbed in her work since the death of her spouse. The creation of a new love novel helps the woman to distract herself from her sad thoughts, and soon the author goes on tour with the presentation of the finished book. Along the way, Loretta is kidnapped by an eccentric businessman to lead Sage to the treasures of the lost city mentioned in the latest bestseller.

Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (2022)

The list continues with the South Korean action-adventure film. An experienced pirate, Woo Moo Chi, discovers the legend of a royal treasure guarded by an ancient monster. The sea wolf and his loyal crew set out in search of the lost treasure – and neither mythical creatures nor a violent storm can stop the brave heroes.

Finding Ohana (2021)

For two Brooklyn teenagers, a trip to the island of Oahu doesn’t seem like a cool idea until they get their hands on an ancient diary that tells them about a hidden treasure. Now the brother and sister’s summer turns into a fantastic adventure with the search for an ancient treasure and finding their Hawaiian roots. A comedy family film with action elements about a special vacation on a picturesque island hiding centuries-old secrets.

Da 5 Bloods (2020)

The plot of the treasure hunter movie is set in the territory of Vietnam, where a group of dark-skinned soldiers has hidden government gold. The Lahu people helped the Americans in the fight against the enemy, but the chiefs refused to take paper bills as gratitude. The United States government sends gold bullion to pay, and a plane carrying the valuable cargo crashes. The dark-skinned fighters find and hide the treasure, but they manage to return for the treasure a quarter of a century later.

Benjamin Falck and the Ghost Dagger (2019)

A brisk comedy with picturesque views of the Balearic Islands and specific Norwegian humor. An antiquities hunter experiences a series of mishaps in both his work and his personal life. To solve all problems at once, the main character invites his girlfriend on a romantic trip to Mallorca and, at the same time, tries to find an ancient artifact. Trying to chase two birds with one stone turns out to be a deadly adventure.

Gold (2016)

A dodgy businessman finds himself in a difficult financial situation. Together with a new acquaintance – an unsuccessful geologist – the main character decides on a risky venture. The partners buy a plot of land in Indonesia and attract investors, promising solid gold-mining profits. But the samples do not confirm the presence of the precious metal there. The plot is based on a real event – a scam perpetrated by an unscrupulous Canadian firm.

Hooten & the Lady (mini-series, 2016 – 2017)

A sophisticated British Museum employee and a charismatic black archaeologist search for valuable relics of the past. The hunt for ancient artifacts like a FabergΓ© egg or a lost Buddha scroll will take the colorful couple to the most remote corners of the world. In a witty multi-part series about treasure hunters, subtle British humor complements the adventurous intrigue.

The Mystery of Ragnarok (2013)

Archeologists, fascinated by Scandinavian mythology, find a stone covered with ancient runes. The vague inscription hints at a treasure trove of untold riches. The scientists embark on an expedition to the neutral territory between Russia and Norway. In desolate, deserted places, the heroes discover the terrible secret of Ragnarok – the end of time, predicted by ancient seers.

Treasure Island (2011)

The list of the best films about adventure, mystery, and treasure continues with the adaptation of Robert Stevenson’s famous novel. Young Jim Hawkins gets his hands on a map of the sinister Captain Flint, showing the place where the buried treasure is. The young man intends to find the cherished jewels, but the hero’s way will get up crafty pirate John Silver. The film is worth watching to join the true classics of the adventure genre and get into the spirit of pirate romance.

Dragon Gate (2011)

Once every 60 years, a violent sandstorm causes a Golden City full of jewels to appear on the surface of the earth. In anticipation of another natural disaster, treasure hunters gather at the inn. The guests expect not only to get rich but also to settle scores with each other. The Chinese action film was so spectacular thanks to the work of costume designers and special effects specialists, awarded by the Asian Film Academy.

600 kg of gold (2010)

A group of friends, facing the lawlessness of the authorities and bandits, are going to take six hundred kilograms of mined gold out of Guyana. The company tries to take off in a helicopter, but it crashes over the impenetrable jungle. The precious cargo becomes a heavy burden. Conflicts flare up between the team members, and a band of bandits moves inexorably on the fugitives’ trail.

Fool’s Gold (2008)

A married couple, in addition to love, were bound by a common hobby – the search for treasure. After a divorce, the former husband and wife independently learn about the treasure aboard a sunken ship. The competition for the right to be the first to get to the jewels is exacerbated by feelings that have not yet cooled down.


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