June 18

Prepare yourselves for the EPICENTER Major


The final major of the Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019 – EPICENTER Major 2019 – will take place in Moscow from June 22 to June 30. 16 of the best teams from around the world will perform at the championship, and Ceb will meet with Solo. Ultimately, all the of invites for The International 2019 will be determined in Moscow. We’re here to explain why this “Epicenter” is the most important competition of the year before TI.

Decisive major

Eight teams have already guaranteed themselves tickets to The International. Only four spots are yet to be determined. Among the teams that have not yet lost chances, only Keen Gaming will not perform at EPICENTER. The rest will have to give their all in the hopes of securing a direct invite.

The main contenders for these slots are OG and TNC Predator. Both teams have a decent chance of qualifying for the world championship if they manage to finish above 12th place. Meanwhile, Gambit Esports, Forward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and some representatives from South America have a hard road ahead of them, as all of these teams will have to finish in at least 6th place to stand a fighting chance. Alliance faces a slightly simpler task, since a top 8 finish will be enough if their competitors do not score more than 900 points.

A Miracle to Take Place?

Fortunately for the underdogs, everything is possible at EPICENTER. In the last championship series, two miracles took place. Firstly, FlyToMoon made its way to the competition as the weakest team. Nonetheless, they managed to squeeze into the top 3 after beating Virtus.pro in the playoffs. At the same time, paiN Gaming shared 7-8th place with Team Secret, which is a very good result for a team from South America.

Ceb Controversy

At the end of May, the EPICENTER Major unwittingly found itself in the center of a scandal involving Ceb. The off-laner from OG made rude remarks about representatives of the CIS in Dota 2 chat. The local community and many pro players wanted the player to be punished. The situation reached such a point that Solo decided to abandon their performance at their home championship if Valve did not respond to the incident.

Fortunately, Valve entered into a dialogue with all involved players. According to Berezin, at The International 2019, the parties will develop a methodology for resolving such conflicts in the future. He also noted that both OG and VP will arrive at EPICENTER Major with full team compositions. He ended his statement by saying that if the two teams meet during the tournament, there will be plenty of emotions.

Russian hospitality

At the end of May, Debs said on the RuHub broadcast that he would try to put on his best behaviour for the CIS. The most important takeaway, though, is that the conflict has ended, and all the EPICENTER Major viewers are eager to be a part of this event. As Solo said, it is the fans who can “show real Russian hospitality” and put an end to this incident. So, let’s see how this drama will play out over the weekend!


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