June 18

Six tips to be the best player in League of Legends


Riot Games’ flagship title, League of Legends, is one of the most famous competitive video games in the world. For those players who have recently immersed themselves in this magical universe, here are some tips to become the best player you can be in the game.

When a player enters the world of LoL, it is easy to become frustrated with how well opponents play. At the beginning, it is essential to learn the skills of the champion you will be playing most (your “main”). Moreover, you should also know what items work well with him, what runes he must have, and the positions in which he must play.

Tips for better league of legends player
Credits: Riot Games

There is a long list of things that you can only learn if you play the game. For this reason, it is most likely that your first games are going to be terrible. But do not be discouraged; all you have to do is observe your enemies and become familiar with the gameplay! This, along with these next tips, are the key elements to becoming an excellent player in League of Legends.

Play as a team

This is what the game is all about! League of Legends is not a title that you can play alone; the best way to enjoy it is to play with friends. Therefore, coordination with your group (in total five players) is crucial to your success in the game.

The perfect champion

Possibly the most difficult decision of all is choosing which champion to start with. There are many characters to choose from. To find one that works for you, it is best to try one by one. Use each champion for two or three games and see how their skills work.

The right role

Although you can play all the champions in all the lanes, each one is more effective in certain roles. Nobody at the start knows whether a champion belongs in a TOP, MID, ADC, SUPPORT, or JUNGLE role. Thanks to pages like Champion.gg, however, you can check what these roles are and which champion you will want to play.

Try not to die too much

Each time your champion dies, it grants gold and experience to your opponent. Therefore, returning to the base when you are low on health or fighting under the tower is almost always the best option.

Tips for better league of legends player
Credits: Riot Games

Always keep an eye on the map

Since LoL is a team game, even if you are tasked to defend only one lane, such as TOP or MID, it is important to see what is happening in the rest of the lanes via the minimap.

Helping allies to kill dragons or protect them when they are in trouble is a fundamental part of the game.

Minions matter

Although it seems that they do not play a large role, the minions in the game are another key to becoming the best player in League of Legends possible. Getting the last hit on a minion will give you gold, with which you can buy items that will improve your champion’s skills and statistics.


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