May 9 2024

Here are the things I do when I’m too exhausted to care about my work


Work is one of those common factors that can easily make you tired and sometimes too exhausted to continue. First of all, it’s okay to feel this way. Too much work every day can wear you out, whether that includes physical or mental labor.

If you are in a fast-paced country like the UK, you are at a high risk of burning out that too in your young years. When you feel like that, it is best to connect with your inner child, grab a cup of your favorite drink, make a cozy environment, lay in bed, and watch your childhood anime by connecting to VPN to stream Japanese Netflix in UK to get a load of your favorite anime.

So, the next time you come across a situation when you are too tired and exhausted to complete the pile of work sitting before you, and even your favorite anime doesn’t cheer you up, try out one or more of these eight ways to get motivated again.

8 Best Motivation-Gaining Ways:

  • Just get started with your work.

Sometimes, you are faced with a deadline for your work, but you realize it is a great time to stream some Netflix. That’s your mind tricking you. Studies show that we focus on mindless tasks, and the main work gets delayed.

The longer it is pending, the more anxious it makes us feel. So, all you need to do is start with the work, and there is a high chance you’d continue until it’s finished. As you proceed, a more productive state of mind will follow. 

  • Make/Rework your To-Do List.

If you have low energy, you would be off that get-stuff-done mindset. Small work can help you bring the motivation back. Studies have also shown that we will likely achieve our goals by writing them down. So make a to-do list in the way you like and gradually cross out the works on the list. It will make you feel good as you’d see the items reduced. 

  • Commit Openly.

By publicly taking responsibility for any work, you hold yourself responsible for completing the task and keeping your word. Hence, accountability works as we will always want to look good in front of others by not fulfilling the task we said we will.

You can do this by telling people like your coworker, friends, or family members about your assignments. It will help you feel the responsibility and force you to complete it. 

  • Try Changing your Location.

Sitting in one place for a long period and doing the work can add to your procrastination, thus, making you feel lazy to do it. However, by changing up your location, i.e., moving to a more open or closed place, where you don’t interact with any distractions. Your physical environment matters while working just as much as your mental state.

  • Listen to your Favorite Pump-up Music.

Music is magic! It will help you settle down your chaotic inner self. So, if you feel lazy or distracted, just open up BBC iplayer and listen to music. It will re-energize you and help you focus on your task.

  • Meditate.

Yes, as simple as that. Maybe listening to music isn’t your thing, but perhaps this is! Our muscles need to relax every time they get tired. But, unfortunately, the brain is also a muscle that cannot continue working hours on the hour without getting tired.

So, to give your brain the rest, it needs to try out 10-20 min meditation. A study showed that immense meditation could help you sustain your attention on work.

  • Take a small break to talk to a Coworker (Or Yourself).

Studies show that workers who get into short talks with their coworkers between calls are the ones who feel less stressed and get through the calls faster rather than the others. So, grab yourself a peer for small talk.

Choose your coworkers wisely if you plan to get some inspiration from them. Or, if you can’t find one, just talk to yourself! Be your buddy and relieve the stress.

  • Munch on an Energy-Boosting snack

Just like our cars, our bodies and brains also need fuel for energy. And this comes from the food we eat. What, how, and when we eat our food has an impact on our way of performance. A constant supply of glucose and fat from the proper nutritious diet is important for your brain to work at its best.

Try out eating food like yogurt, bananas, blueberries, eggplant, olive oil, avocados, salmon, broccoli, and dark, leafy greens. Such food items can supercharge you whenever you feel tired and help you complete your work best.


Feeling tired and lethargic to do the plethora of pending work is expected. You may procrastinate, and that’s okay! But, you have to reduce this procrastination towards your work because, in the end, you have no choice but to complete it.

In this article, I have added some ways regarding how you can work on improving your productivity. And get rid of your lack of motivation. Try one or two of these methods, and you will see results popping up! I wish you a good time with your work, fellas!


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