May 10 2024

Meta Trader 4 Forex Trading- Apps on Google Play 


Both novice and experienced forex traders must have heard of the industry term MT4. MT4 is an abbreviation of the word MetaTrader 4. And, it is an online platform that forex traders use in the execution of their trades.

While this is its most famous function, traders can also use this platform to view a detailed analytical report of the market situation. And this market information is usually conveyed through indicators in the form of charts.

This platform is an invention of the Meta quotes software company released in 2005. Although several versions of the before and after the MT4 have been invented. Its popularity has never waned as a result of its automated features.

MT4 trading robots

On this platform, traders can invent, rent or purchase trading robots which are also known as expert advisors. The primary assignment of these robots is to execute trades on behalf of the traders

An interesting fact about these robots is that they aren’t trading representatives or astute investors. They only carry out the aforementioned functions based on a set of algorithms or set parameters.

This function can be carried out through the MT4 programming language which is the MQL4. Also, traders can use the invented expert advisors to test run their trading strategy. Once they see that this strategy is successful, they can fully implement it in the execution of their subsequent trades.

Traders should note that the MT4 terminal has two servers namely the Client-server and the Broker’s server. The communication between these two servers is encrypted from end to end. Hence, customers are assured of a secure and reliable transaction.

Brokerage companies using the MT4

From the aforementioned features of the MT4, it is glaring why the trading operations of most brokerage companies revolve around its usage. The following is a list of brokerage companies making use of MT4:

1. FP Markets

This brokerage company was founded in 2005 and it is regulated by the ASIC (Australian Securities and investment commission). FP market offers segregation of clients’ funds and top-tier liquidity.

This market is a group of companies that includes First Prudential Markets Ltd which is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus security exchange commission.

In a bid for this company to improve the knowledge base of their clients in forex trading, they have a trader’s hub. On this hub, their clients can find a variety of articles, tutorial videos, and eBooks exploring the concept of forex trading.

Also, their clients have access to live support either via telephone, mail, or live chat. This customer support spans 5 days a week and 24 hours each day.

This platform offers trading tools to automate the experience of each of its traders.

2. Octa FX

Octa FX was established in 2011. This company offers ECN (electronic communication network) trading. It also allows CFD trading on indices, metals, and cryptocurrencies across the Meta Trader and c Trader suite of trading platforms.

The aforementioned platforms are Windows and Mac compatible. They can also be downloaded on android and IOS devices.

The product a customer can trade on this platform is highly dependent on the type of account opened by the trader. The accounts that can be opened on this platform include MT4 Micro, MT4 Pro, and c Trader ECN.

Traders should note that these account types cover forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and metals.

3. Swissquote Bank Ltd

Swissquote bank is an online broker that offers a comprehensive trading package to its clients. Its offerings transcend forex and CFDs (contract for difference).

Swissquote bank is part of the Swissquote Group Holdings Ltd, and it is the Swiss-based trading faction of the company.

Customers who do not speak or understand the official language of Switzerland do not have to worry. This is because the company’s website offers multi-lingual features. Hence, Traders can select the language which they want to use in the execution of their trades from the 10 languages offered.

Their customer support is timely and effective. Football lovers are also a sponsoring partner of the Manchester United Football Club which is the most successful domestic club in the UK.

One downside that prospective traders may experience is the inability to transact using this platform as a result of their unavailability in several countries.

4. MTrading

This online brokerage company has been in existence for more than a decade. MTrading like the aforementioned company runs on the MT4 terminal to enable its clients to carry out forex activities.

This brokerage company boasts about 10 offices around the world. Operating in key cities like Asia- pacific and the emerging market economies of Africa and South America, this company boasts of client satisfaction of 250,000 traders.

MTrading in a bid to protect the funds of their clients is compliant with the financial industry regulations targeted at this. These laws necessitate them to segregate the funds of their clients from their assets and deposit them in a regulated financial institution.

Doing this prohibits MTrading from using the money of its customers for any purpose. Customers should note that MTrading doesn’t provide weekend customer service to their clients.

5. XTB

This brokerage company deals in forex, commodities, indices, ETF CFD, stock CFD, and crypto trading. XTB has been in existence for more than 2 decades. Although the company at inception was referred to as X-trade.

XTB offers their customer the luxury of selecting between the two platforms they offer. The first one which is the most popular is the MT4 platform. While the other one is their custom-made trading platform named the xStation 5.

Customers of this platform are exposed to about 3000 trading instruments to simplify the trading experience by automating processes.

XTB doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support to its traders.

How to download the MT4 terminal on Google Play Store

For customers wondering how they can download the Meta 4 trader app on their android phone, here is the process.

  • Visit the Google Play app store
  • Type in Meta Trader4 in the search box
  • Select the Meta Trader 4 app
  • Click install
  • Open the MT4 app on your android device and sign in with the account details of your brokerage company.

This process is easy.  The same process also applies to IOS users as all they need to do is visit the app store on their iPhones.


From the above, it is safe to say that the Meta Trader 4 is the second middleman in the forex market structure. The first middleman is the broker who is the link between the trader and the market. MT4 is the second middleman because it connects a broker and his customer.

Customers do not have to worry about where to get detailed and informed market reports. The MT4 platform through its news and alerts features keeps customers abreast of the latest financial trends so they can make informed trading decisions.


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