June 23

How eSports Joined the Sports Betting Market

The eSports industry has been growing at an incredible rate in the last few years, and it seems likely that this growth will continue into the future. However, the fact that eSports are now a big part of the sports betting market is one area that perhaps hasn’t received as much attention as it deserves.

How Does This Work?

The move to online sportsbooks has certainly helped fuel this change, as it has meant that operators have been able to quickly and smoothly add new categories for all the traditional and emerging new sports that they want to cover. With eSports now such a popular area, it’s no surprise to see that the most popular games and leagues have already been added to many of these sites.

Bets on eSports essentially work in the same way as on any other sport listed. The bettor simply has to choose the team they think will win and how much they want to wager on it. The online bet slip will then show them how much they could win if they get it right at the current odds.

Additional bets are sometimes offered, such as the total number of kills or the number of maps completed by each team. These options provide opportunities for those people who feel confident enough about their knowledge of the game to predict more than simply the overall winner.

The reason that operators can now offer such variety is due to the fact that sportsbook software providers give them powerful platforms. These platforms provide the likes of statistics, results, and live streaming for hundreds of thousands of sports events each year. Bets can be accepted 24/7, 365 days a year, and can be customized to offer the exact sports needed in each market.

What Does the Future Hold?

It seems certain that emerging technology is used to help eSports fans get access to the latest odds and place bets in even more new ways. One example could be virtual reality, which would immerse them in the action while getting the chance to bet on the games as they progress.

Augmented reality apps could also be used to give users even easier access to the information they need on the screen as they watch the games taking place. We can also expect artificial intelligence to play an ever-greater part in the industry, as it ensures that each bettor has access to the information that is most relevant to them at all times.

Overall, it seems likely that the continued growth in eSports goes hand in hand with growth in eSports betting. As people find it even easier to place wagers on their favorite teams and games, this should be an important part of the appeal of eSports for many fans.

The introduction of eSports betting has been seamless, and it will continue to offer an extra dimension to fans of competitive gaming going forward, although we can expect to see some changes to the format and presentation as new technology gets brought in.


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