June 22

How to play NEON in VALORANT: Abilities, Tips, and Tricks

If you are someone who loves to fight up front, hit hard, and then get back to safety, then Valorant’s newest character, Neon, is for you. However, we have never seen such a feisty player before in Valorant, so it will take time to get used to it. With speed like her, she can run several rounds around her enemy in the blink of an eye. For folks that love to hit the competition hard, this character is not going to disappoint. But mastering the queen of speed is not a child’s play. But the following quick rundown of her abilities, some Valorant Hacks, and then you can use them to your benefit in Valorant, will surely help you out.

Getting straight into the action

In case you are someone who loves being the center of attention in every match, you are going to love Neon. Unlike other characters, Neon loves to play up front instead of being backstage. Thanks to her toolkit and various abilities, Neon has the freedom to explore the areas and get into the heart of the action. Her Fast Lane ability gives time to her teammates to prepare themselves by effectively blocking the line of sight for opponents. And if this isn’t enough, Relay Bolt’s ability comes in also something that comes in handy. All in all, Neon is the character who isn’t going to sit back and miss out on the action.

Block vision with Fast Lane

When it comes to exciting abilities that blow your mind off, Neon is loaded with them. The cool, nifty blocker in the form of Fast Lane is one such ability that is used quite often during the game. It comes with a messy 300 Creds and can charge two short energy lines when triggered to create a field that disrupts the line of sight of the opponent. Remember, Fast Lane causes damage to both your allies and foes, so be careful using it.

Dominate the game with High Gear

Land domination is an essential part of the game, and the player who often covers the most decides the fate of the match in Valorant. But when you have Neon with you, sit relaxed as you have nothing to worry about. Her High Gear is exactly what you need to dominate most of the land in the game. It gives Neon its top ability to move fast and eliminate as many enemies as she can. However, High Gear should not be used recklessly. Neon’s speed-up movements have a unique sound that can be easily heard by the enemies with sharp ears.

Use High Gear for quick loadouts

Believe it or not, the biggest bummer in Valorant is the loadout speed, especially when it is the only thing that is going to decide who lives or dies in a fight. But thankfully, for Neon, High Gear has solved this issue. With Neon, switching weapons and even location has become way easier due to the High Gear. Because of this ability, she can slide her way around difficult angles, giving her an upper hand to easily escape firefights.

Overdrive enemies in firefights

Usually, the winner of the duels gets decided by the player who charges a strong attack ASAP, and being the queen of speed, Neon, with her overdrive ability, can zap enemies into oblivion. When fired, it unleashes the full power of the Neon, creating a strong lightning beam that has high movement accuracy and resets whenever she scores a kill. Overdrive does not have a range limit, but we suggest using it during firefights.

Aim for the bodies

Neon’s ultimate ability is one of its kind. When combined with other abilities and skills, a laser taking down opponents can be super valuable during matches. If you are used to Vandal or Phantom headshots, remember Neon can cause the same damage everywhere. With Neon’s slide trick and fast movements, try aiming for the body instead of the head to guarantee a sure shot kill.

These are some abilities of our queen of speed, and the only way to master them is by practicing them as much as you can. So, open your Valorant game, and start top fragging to get hold of Neon’s abilities and tricks.


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