February 27 2023

How to Build a Casino Machine in Minecraft


Minecraft is a massively popular game that attracts millions of players around the globe. It’s the perfect place for all creative souls, as the versatility of the game enables players to build anything they like. The creative mode is famous for its support for world creation. People have used it to create replicas of real-life structures. The essential building elements are blocks from various materials such as stone, wood, and iron. There are many other elements, allowing players to create complex mechanisms. That’s perfect for building interactive objects such as casino machines. In this guide, you’ll see the necessary steps you should take to build your pokie in Minecraft.

Get Inspiration From an Online Casino

The fantastic thing about Minecraft is its wide range of different building materials that allow you to get as creative as possible. You can use them to build any kind of pokies. Whether you want to spin three, four, or five lines, it’s totally up to your liking. If you’re lacking any inspiration, you can start your research online by exploring what the online gambling platforms offer. For example, all the visitors of the ndb casino will be spoilt for choice. Many similar platforms offer hundreds of games, and trying them out will help you get your idea for your casino machine in Minecraft.

Prepare Resources For Building a Casino Machine

The resources you’ll need will depend on the complexity of the casino machine. Some pokies will require ten different items, whereas complex ones can require hundreds of elements. Some of the important ones you’ll need are lamps, torches, hoppers, droppers, Redstone dust, observer, item frames, and barrels. Of course, these will vary, and you might need other ones for your needs. The point is to prepare everything you’ll need, so you avoid wasting time getting materials you lack. Things can become stressful quickly if you have to search for something in the middle of building pokies. Once you’ve got everything set, it’s time for the next step.

Find a Decent Location for Your Pokies

The chances are that your casino machines will be in some type of Minecraft casino. Even if that’s not the case, you have to plan where you’re going to build it carefully. You can make your test version wherever you like. In fact, you should do so, so you can figure out where you’ll put the machine’s system. However, after you finish your test machine, explore all locations that make your casino machine easily accessible by the players on the server. If you want to resemble gambling venues from the real world, a suitable place for building your machine would be on the outskirts of a city. But if it’s a big one, staying downtown might lead to more traffic. However, you’ll likely have to opt for smaller machines in that case.

Build Machine’s System

Building the machine’s system is one of the most challenging parts of the whole process. When you know what you’re doing, you’ll take a couple of hours to build Minecraft pokies on your own. However, if you’re following an online guide, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes of your time. So the choice is yours. If you want to be entirely creative and design your casino machine, prepare to do thorough research to know how different building elements mutually behave. After that, you can start putting things together until you have the final product that’s ready for fun. If you seek a guide, there are countless options on YouTube that go into plenty of detail. This example shows how quickly you can build beautiful pokies in 15 minutes. It also lists all the materials you’ll need, and it’s still working with the latest version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition at the time of writing this article.

Test the Machine

After you finish building everything, you need to take a couple of more steps. Try out whether everything works as intended. Sometimes, a simple misclick can lead to a bad output while you’re making the pokie. For example, it can give rewards more often, resulting in the loss of valuable items. On the other hand, it might never give out any rewards, leading the players to stop using it. You have to conduct thorough testing, so you’re confident that it’s working correctly. The process is the same with real pokies present in mobile casinos. The developers test them out to ensure that all the odds are set and are working as intended. Of course, you don’t have to be as thorough.

Plan Where to Put the Machine’s Construction

It’s one thing to focus on building a system that works, but placing it in an already existing structure is one big challenge. Your system’s number of elements and outputs will depend on its size behind the “curtain”. That means that even though the pokies will look small to the player using them, they’ll take up much more space in the background. To make everything fit perfectly, you will need to wake up your inner architect. Essentially, there are two options. If you’re building a machine in a casino, you can use the wall as a way to protect your machine. If you’re building a small machine on the ground, you’ll have to dig a hole to achieve the same result. The point is to make the system inaccessible to anyone but you. That way, you’ll prevent someone from stealing your goods or changing how everything works.

Determine What Will the Reward Be

To incentivize people to use your casino machine in Minecraft, take some time to create an appealing rewarding system. Use different rare materials as rewards and create the “jackpot” type of reward. That way, more people will feel the need to play your pokie. A good idea is to use diamonds as the biggest reward. Ensure that your jackpot rarely occurs, so you don’t lose precious materials. After you set the appropriate reward, you’ll see that many players will flock to your creation to have fun.

Be As Creative As Possible

Minecraft is the perfect world for showcasing your creativity. The huge variety of blocks will make it possible for you to create any kind of casino machine that you can imagine. Thousands of payers have used Minecraft to build breathtaking projects. From building the Titanic and other real-world landmarks, players have also used the game to make Lord of The Rings’ Middle earth and other epic fiction structures. There’s no limit to what the game allows, you can recreate anything that you see in the real world. The only rule is that the result will certainly look blocky.


As you can see, building a casino machine in Minecraft is not hard. It takes only a couple of hours, but you get to have so much fun in the process. Plus, as you keep experimenting and building different pokies, you can eventually turn everything into a casino that attracts hundreds of players on the server. Take your time with the whole process, explore different designs and test your system once you build it. Get inspiration from pokies at online casinos and make a unique one that’ll make any player come back for more fun. Good luck with your project and have fun making pokies that will entertain many players.


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