August 18

How to Change Name in Fall Guys?


The full name of the game is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a fun-loving game player who gets addicted to it as they get closer to it. It has a wide range of obstacles included in it, which allows up to 60 players to compete together and have fun. Most players are not aware of this game, which made them lack behind from such a great opportunity.

When players get engaged with online games, they must know about all the latest games to have something new to play. Similarly, players should learn how to make a compass in Minecraft so that they can have some increase in their knowledge about online games. Every game provides its players to have a separate name, which makes them have their unique identity. The name plays a significant role as it allows you to have access to your device and makes you have your separate game account for playing it.

Change Name in Fall Guys

You should opt for changing your username as it allows you to have a different name and with a new name with a different identity. It will help you meet your friends with a new identity and make you feel more special and happy. Try to be attentive to the below-mentioned information as it will help you learn how to change your name.

Name Change Process

The game has multiple versions, and the steam version of the game allows the players to create custom usernames. But for some time, this feature has stopped and made people suffer and don’t get a chance to change their name. There are other ways too, which can help you to change your name in the game and makes you have a different identity. Most of the players use exploits to break the UI and grab more space from the screen for their names.


  • First, you have to click on your profile, which is at the top of the screen.
  • Then you have to select the Edit Profile option so that you can edit your profile and have a change in your name.
  • After that, you have to opt for changing your name, and for that, you have to click on the name change button.
  • Then you have to scroll down and press the Save Changes option as it will help you to have a name change and provides you have a new identity in the game.

The players who use the PS4 version to play Fall Guys will find that their username in the PlayStation ID. PS4 players can’t change their name until they change their PSN ID in the game. It will help the players to have a safe change in their names and makes them have a new identity and name.


The above information will help you to have a safe understanding of your name change in Fall Guys. It will also help you to know about Minecraft how to make an end portal in Minecraft. You must know about all the aspects of the game so that you can have safe access to the game and makes you understand the game.


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