August 18

How to Get a Horse in Minecraft?


The horse is one of the mobs present in Minecraft, helping the players have some fun and entertainment. It helps the players roam the world by sitting on it and riding it, which makes players feel closer to it. But before riding a horse, you have to become friends with it so that it will listen to you and remain under your control.

When you learn about the horse, you should also check out what llamas eat in Minecraft so that you can have more knowledge about the game’s animals. It is important for all the players to keep all the related information about the game so that they can deal with any situation. Once you get to know how you can get the horse, it will be easy for you to ride it and take other advantages.

Get a Horse in Minecraft

Horse loves to eat grass related food, and it will help you feed them and become friends with them. But your first challenge is to find the horse so that you can feed it, tame it, and breed it and make other uses from it. You can consider the below information to help you know about the horse and its additional related information.

Steps For Getting Horse

If you want to get a horse, then you must follow the below steps as it will allow you to get the horse with proper under your control.

  • Find the Horse – Your first step should be to find the horse so that you can get it and keep it under your control. You can find horses in Plains biomes, and if you do not find it there, you can opt to summon the horse with the help of some cheats or by using an egg spawn.
  • Feed the Horse – After finding the horse, you have to feed it with its favorite food, and it would like to have grass and wheat. If the horse loves the food, you will see red hearts over its head, and then you can understand that you have successfully got control over it.
  • Put the Saddle – When you are done with a con troll, you can put a saddle on it to make your grip while riding, and this is how you can get the horse. But before considering having the horse, you must know how much Minecraft is as it will help you know the actual price of the game, and you can opt for it as per your budget. It will help you make the right decision to get the game to manage your budget well.


When you opt for having the horse, you must know about all the above points as, without them, you can’t get the horse in Minecraft. The above information will also help you know how you can enhance your current knowledge by clicking on the links mentioned above. It is a good idea to have a proper focus on all the information so that you can have a better understanding.


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