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How to drift on Forza Horizon 4


Want to learn to drift like a pro on Forza horizon 4? Here’s how to write a guide on how to learn to drift and how to improve your own results. As we know in Forza horizon 4 you will find drifting zones where you can show your skills among other players. As you read this guide you will learn to go ahead of your friends quickly, and who knows you may be next number 1 on the list.

In Forza there is few things wrong, like AWD cars doing drifting. AWD as drifter is easiest way to slide but in real life AWD cars are banned on every drift race: “There have also been all-wheel drive cars that have been converted to rear-wheel drive such as the Subaru WRX, Toyota Avensis, Scion tC, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Dodge Charger, and Nissan GT-R. Early on, AWD cars without conversion were allowed in some drifting competitions, and usually the rules allowed only a certain percentage of power to be sent to the front wheels, but they are banned in most (if not all) drifting competitions today.” If u want to be a real drifter don`t use AWD cars use RWD and drift like pro.

First step: Edit difficult settingsfORZA hORIZON 4 DIFICUILT SETTINGS FOR DRIFTING

Forza Horizon 4 Drift settings:

  1. 1) Driving assist -> Custom
  2. 2) Braking -> ABS OFF
  3. 3) Steering -> Simulation
  4. 4) Traction control -> OFF
  5. 5) Stability control -> OFF
  6. 6) Shifting -> Manual


  1. Driving line -> Braking only
  2. Damage & tire wear -> Cosmetic
  3. Rewind -> OFF

I have added my own vehicle tunes to this site to help you improve your own drifting results. I’ve been playing the Forza game series since Motorsport 3 so I have a very long experience (+ 10 years) tuning cars on Forza series.

Second step: Try out drift cars

In the video below you can see how my tuned Anglia drift.

Now that we’ve got the settings right for drifting, now we need a car to drift with. The Forza Horizon 4 game has a total of 752 cars so you can find the best drifter for you too. If u want u can try my own drift tunes for different cars. My best results in drifting areas have come from Ford Anglia on asphalt and Willys Jeep on dirt zones. If u want to try my own tunes you can download these by searching  “DRIFT xHEOWx” on tune section.

Third step: Find your style

In the video below you can see how i drift.

Now that we’ve learned a little basics we can start drifting practice, everyone will find it their own style with which the car will go on the slide for a long time. I drift with gas and handbrake, with these I can slow down and speed up vehicle on drift zones and make my slide go faster or slower if needed.

Fourth step: Angle & Speed

Drifting is all about angle of drift and speed, so u need powerful car to do perfect drift, also pro tip is forgot all AWD cars because its power sliding not drifting. RWD cars do drift and u handle them with gas, of course AWD cars are better to make scores they are META cars but there is a lot RWD records on drift zones, and every time u use AWD and drifting in same sentence u are totally noob at drifting.

So how u get enough angle for perfect drift? U need to trust your skills and your car, keep it going higher angle with higher speed.

My personal drift beast is Ford Anglia and u can try it by searching DRIFT XHEOWX for creative hub, u will thank me later when u try my Anglia.


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