November 29

Why is League of Legends (LoL) Worlds so Popular?


Out of all the competitive online multiplayer games that have since raised to great providence, none have come far greater than the battle arena title that is League of Legends, as this PC game has since become a staple in the gaming industry and a popular commodity amongst fans of major Esports titles.

Almost a full decade since its initial release on Microsoft Windows devices, League of Legends still remains as one of the industry’s most popular and frequently viewed titles across a number of streaming platforms as well as a title that is still profusely played by an extensive player base.

The title has become one of the gaming industry’s most influential multiplayer games as it still amasses a great following across all social programs with more players looking to sink their interests into a marquee name that has since defined all multiplayer games for years to come.

With League now garnishing such a prominent reputation for all avid PC gamers, it has since spanned into the competitive world of Esports as the world’s most elite names now look to face off in various captivating encounters to determine who can lay claim to call themselves the very best League players.

This sudden uproar of attention in Esports has since been elevated into the betting industry and markets as fans can now place wagers on their favourite names competing at the upcoming events including LoL Worlds.

Some of the latest Esports events saw fans use vendors such as 888 Sport, given that it is the premier betting site to all things sport related whether they are physical or virtual mainstream titles.

Considering that League of Legends and various Esports titles have since become such a major sector for a range of target demographics, how has such a competition like Worlds been able to obtain such a vast following and become the favourite tournament for all fans of League to tune into?

LoL Worlds’ popularity and rewards:

Given how popular the title is even after a decade since its initial release, the LoL Worlds tournament still remains as arguably the globe’s most coveted and widely broadcasted event as it still attracts an unprecedented array of viewers to tune into the latest showings.

The 2018 event remains as one of Esports most widely viewed events as millions of eager viewers indulged their interests into the tournament’s yearly broadcasts.

Not only does such an event produce such a wide following from spectators across the world, but it also comes with a hefty share of winnings for each of the competitions most outstanding teams.

While the winning prize money is still not believed to be on the same figures as the Fortnite International Cup and DOTA 2’s International, the overall earnings of the LoL’s World still see a respectable total figures of $6.7 million for the 2018 competition compared the winnings of $4.5 million the previous year.

As League is a team-based game, the winning team will also receive the prestigious Summoner’s Cup which in turn is a further testament to the overall skill that it will take for any team to accomplish this feat given that this year’s coemption saw a total of 22 of the world’s best League teams competing to take home this title.

The number of teams competing in this tournament has changed frequently over the years as next year’s event will see a further two teams registered to compete in the Worlds event which has since increased from the inaugural event that saw just eight teams competing in the tournament with Fnatic taking home the trophy back in 2011.

The number of teams has also changed this year as some global teams were unable to travel to this year’s event that was housed in Iceland.

The competitions unique format:

Most Esports competitions heavily depend on an individual’s/team’s form when deciding the outcome of a title, but the Worlds event takes a completely different approach.

This event takes inspiration from a number of European and American sporting leagues as it features an initial Play-In Stage and then moves into a Group Stage to decide on which teams will advance to the next leg.

Any teams that pass through the Group Stage will then compete in the Knockout Stage which consists of a Quarterfinals and Semi-Finals which eventually culminates in the tournament’s best two teams competing in the Finals to decide who will claim the coveted trophy and the title of the best team in the major gaming community which is League of Legends.

Esports’ popularity has skyrocketed in recent years with League of Legends still remaining as a highly engrossing and heavily played title amongst gaming fans which has certainly transpired into competitions such as Worlds.

With the event garnishing over a million viewers for its annual broadcasting, this year’s tournament has already seen a multitude of viewers tune into the broadcast that witnessed Edward Gaming claim victory over DWG KIA in the finals.


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