August 26

How to Get Apples in Minecraft?


An apple is an eatable item in Minecraft, which helps the players to maintain their health meter and get a portion of healthy food to eat. It allows the players to use the apple for various purposes, but it can’t be made with the help of a crafting table or a furnace you need to find and gather. When you opt to learn how you can get an apple, you must know how to get the string in Minecraft. It will help you to get the things from some heights and also allow you to grab it.

When you opt to learn a new thing in Minecraft, make sure that you will pay some attention to other elements. It will help you to enhance your more knowledge and also allow you to have extra information. All the players should know how to get an apple in the game to grab it and take advantage of it.

Get Apples in Minecraft

Apple helps you to keep all your disease always and also helps you to keep you safe from many dangerous situations. If you consider the below information, it will help you know about your query and allow you to become a more knowledgeable player.

Steps to Get an Apple

To get an apple in the game, you have to go through multiple situations and helps you to have a safe and secure way of getting it. You must know about all the necessary aspects of the game, especially grabbing apples so that you can get it without any difficulty.

  • Find an Oak Tree – Apples are mainly grown on an oak tree due to which you need to find it and grab the apples. In the Minecraft world, there are multiple trees available, and you need to find an oak tree so you must know about it that how it looks, and other related elements.
  • Hold an Axe – For grabbing the apples from the tree, you have to chop the tree, and for that, you can use an axe so that you won’t harm your hands.
  • Chop Down the Oak Tree – After using an axe, you have to chop down the oak tree so that the tree gets short and easily get the apples. Minecraft includes multiple versions and game controls, so you must know all the controls for having a safe chopping of the tree.
  • Pick Up the Apples – Finally, after getting the tree chopped, you have to pick up all the apples and can safely move it to your inventory. It will help you to have further usage of the apples and makes sure that you will also pay some attention to how to get to an end in Minecraft. It will help you to know about the game more and increase your knowledge.


After reading all the entire above information, you can learn how you can get apples in Minecraft and also increase your knowledge about the game. The links mentioned above will help you know about other aspects of the game you must know. Try to have proper information about all the factors so that you won’t get into any troublesome situation.


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