September 14 2023

New Technologies – New Boundaries


The world has changed. It’s a fact. Technology made more advances in the last 50 years than in the previous history of the world. Nowadays, it is present everywhere, completely changing the life we were used to. Many sectors are producing so many improvements, making the physical and digital world walk as close as ever. Artificial Intelligence is helping to increase the way people find different solutions for lots of everyday issues, making our lives easier and giving us more time to spend with our families and enjoy life.

A long time ago, a phone was just a phone. A car could be defined as 4 wheels that take people from one point to another. A video game, something unimaginable. Today, these types of devices have become so essential in our lives that it is hard to believe that people go back home if they have missed their phones. A lot of people related that they feel “naked” if they forget their phones at home, something unimaginable if you grow up in the 70s or the 80s when we used to go out with our friends after lunch and the only obligation was to come back before dusk.

If you have a smartphone, you do not have to carry almost anything else with you. They can store our contact numbers, of course, but they also carry our financial data, driver licenses, IDs, car documents, and music collections. Companies are fighting to have the best camera phone to offer the best videos and photos and gain competition for the customer.

Our phones become an entertainment device, used sometimes more than as a phone. If you have to wait for a doctor’s appointment, for example, there are so many ways to keep you entertained that your mood will thank you, even if you wait a few minutes more to be attended. In the meantime, you can watch videos, talk to your friends, or play a nice game.

The gaming experience is bringing us so many features and options that the fictional world is becoming more and more realistic. The developers apparently have an endless imagination, creating different worlds that immerse players into these universes. AI can be the bridge that will make this connection, allowing us to experience what is possible and what is not real.

The games’ advances require hardware each time faster, and the faster they become, the better the user experience. One cheap solution that can make gaming more fun in those “not too old” desktops is to change the old hard drive for a new SSD device to make it more fun. The improvements in speed and graphics quality will be worth every penny, as they will reduce the latency time, improving the performance considerably.

Talking about powerful devices and efficient solutions, online casinos emerged as a new segment that came to stay. Now, you can enjoy a traditional casino game without the need to physically go there. And you do not need to be worried about the information that goes through the internet. A lot of regulations must be obeyed to guarantee our personal and financial information.

To attract new players, some casinos offer the chance to try the gambling thrill with no deposit bonus codes. That means that you can have a free experience without risking your own money. In other words, you can enjoy the excitement of casinos without any financial risk.

The gaming world is taking many benefits from the integration of hardware and AI. Modern engines use AI and physical simulations to enhance the user experience. The interactions are more realistic with augmented reality and virtual reality, which takes the experience to another level.

And what about the cars? What a difference. From the old engines, with simple solutions, to cars that talk to you, park by themselves, and shortly will take you everywhere with a simple voice command.

Not too long ago, we were taught how to fix things, and they were simple and durable. If your car broke nowadays, if you are not a NASA engineer, it is better to call your insurance because they are too complicated. We are already living in a future where cars can drive complex roads and take you to the right place, stress-free.

With the limitless human imagination, the potential for new technological advances in the next few years is actually scary. The relationship between technological advancement and AI is like a wheel, where one makes the other powerful, and so on. The journey to progress is advancing in large steps, and the possibilities are exciting. Let us see what is the next!


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