January 25 2022

The Top Five Most Popular Esports in the World


Esports has grown enormously over the past five years, which is why esport athletes can now earn millions of dollars every year.

While the popularity of traditional sports is still far superior, esports is closing the gap significantly. Many people who are now growing up watching esports see them as legitimate and the equal of real sports.

The older generation may have a harder time understanding the fandom surrounding esports, but for young people, these gamers and streamers are akin to competitive athletes.

Below are the top five most popular esports in the world.

1. Counter-Strike: GO

The Counter-Strike games have been around for a very long time, which is why they have such a strong following. Unlike most games, Counter-Strike is easy to play on almost every modern device, as it is not very graphics intensive.

CS: GO is the most popular competitive shooter in the world, and the money that esports athletes make is superior to almost every other esport on the planet. There are competitions occurring all the time throughout the world, and it is not unusual for entire arenas to fill up to watch the best players compete in person.

Aside from Valve holding CS: GO competitions, there are also independent tournaments, which adds to the money surrounding this esport.

2. PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG first came out a few years ago, and gaming was never the same again. This PC and console game was always very affordable and is now free to play, which means it will attract an even larger player base.

PUBG refers to Public Battlegrounds, which gives some clue as to how the gameplay proceeds. Unlike CS: GO, where you are on a specific team with an objective within a smaller playing area, PUBG involves players being put on a larger map in a free-for-all. The battle royale gaming mode is very popular and makes for extremely exciting esports competitions.

Even though the PC version of the game is not as popular as in its heyday, the PUBG competitive scene on consoles is thriving. The prize money for tournaments is in the millions.


3. Fortnite

What is so interesting about the popularity of Fortnite as an esport is that developer Epic Games is not particularly bothered about this aspect of its crown jewel. While Epic is happy to have Fortnite as an esport, the focus is more on getting a lot of players to log into the game each day.

Most of the money made from Fortnite is through microtransactions, which are only possible if there is daily engagement from players. Even though Epic is focused on getting as much money as possible through in-game transactions, loyal fans of Fortnite are very passionate about the game as an esport.

There are intense tournaments throughout the year, and they often involve significant prize money. The question, however, is whether Epic Games will make changes to this battle royale game to make it more balanced and competitive as an esport.

4. League of Legends

If there is a popularity contest among esports, League of Legends must be on that list. The popular gaming franchise is such a moneymaker and hit around the world that a recent anime series was commissioned by Netflix.

Even though the players who win League of Legends tournaments do not claim massive amounts in prize money, the game is still extremely competitive. Gamers from around the world attempt to showcase their League of Legends skills and dominate against their rivals.


EA Sports has been working very hard to build its credibility within the esports world over the past few years. While FIFA has a very loyal and devoted fan base from around the world, most people would not think of this game franchise when they imagine esports.

FIFA Ultimate Team, however, changed the game with respect to competitive gaming within FIFA. Players are now able to continue winning matches and achieve a spot in the Elite Division, where other top players also reside. They can then compete in even more tournaments for in-game and real money, increasing the value of being good at the game.

Much like other esports, FIFA routinely has competitive tournaments throughout the world, and many of the top players have loyal fan bases who follow their successes and failures.

Follow Your Favorite Esports

There is no shame in having an interest in esports these days. People are a lot more accepting of watching esports as a hobby, and they also accept esports athletes as equal to the athletes who play physical sports.

If you enjoy a particular game, you may want to check if there is an esports scene. Nearly every popular game is now gravitating towards developing esports, as it increases the game’s longevity and popularity.

The above esports is currently the very best in the world in terms of overall following and prize money. Other esports, however, are quickly closing the gap.


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