February 26 2022

What technology has changed the sports betting industry?


Technology has always remained a massive part of the sports betting industry with the advent of telegraphs and then radios allowing people to place their wagers on sporting events from all across the world. The internet has further propelled this industry, which has enabled it to grow in popularity. Today, people can bet on games using their phones and laptops/computers on various websites offering betting services. So what is responsible for driving this growth? And what impact has technology had on the sports betting industry? In this blog post, we will be looking at some key technological developments that have changed the realms of sports betting, so keep reading. 

The invention of the internet 

One massive change that has manifested in the sports betting industry is the introduction of the internet. This has enabled sports betting to happen online instead of solely being done at a physical venue, and the direct result of this has been a much wider audience being developed. The industry now makes a lot more money because people cannot bet more conveniently, and the internet has also enabled bettors to bet on more than one sport at the same time. Bettors also save a lot more money because there is no longer a need to travel anywhere. Instead, betting can now take place in the comfort of their own homes.

The development of smartphones and mobile apps 

Another way that technology has significantly impacted and changed the sports betting industry is through the development of smartphones and mobile apps. Smartphones are portable and convenient, so people can now bet anywhere and anytime, even while on the go. This benefits the betting industry by bringing in more money, and the bettors can have a more engaging experience. Smartphones are also more accessible than any other technology device available today, which has resulted in more and more people joining the sports betting world because smartphones account for above 80% of all internet traffic, with massive expected growth in the next few years.

Live streaming and sporting events 

Once you have placed your sporting bets, you now have the option to go home and keep up to date with the live scores through live streaming. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can watch football, horse racing, and many other sports in top HD quality via live stream at home using your mobile app or your desktop. This offers a lot of conveniences and ensures you do not miss a thing. Top online sportsbooks offer customers live streaming services which are primarily at no cost if you have already placed a bet on that particular sporting event. The customer benefits from this technology because there are no longer situations where blind betting happens due to circumstances that inhibit the bettor from watching in real-time. 

Sports analytics 

Sports betting analytics is a great tool to help you predict the outcome of sports events and games based on data. These systems use computers and mathematical algorithms for the sports analytics industry to progress and for customers to make well-informed predictions. A massive amount of data is available, which has enabled artificial intelligence and other programs to be developed that help create algorithm-generated forecasts. Thus, handicapping services such as Kyle Covers can now offer precise information and provide MLB predictions and much more for those interested. Sports bettors can and should use this as part of their betting strategy to gain the best possible advantage when they wager. Players can access player and team statistics, historical results, and general betting data. Betting sites also generate more money with this technology because the more informed the bettor is, the more they will bet, which puts more money in the company’s pockets. 

Technology has changed and continues to change every industry in society, and the sports betting industry is no exception. Innovation and advancements put betting sites and customers at an advantage because sports betting has become more convenient and accessible than ever thanks to the internet, smartphones, mobile apps, live streams, and sports analytics, which allow players to make much more informed bets now. 


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