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Sending HTML-Formatted Email
By Rob Taylor

You can send email messages in HTML format with the SMTP service (CDONTS) or MS Exchange. However beware that not all mail clients will display it properly.

By default, CDONTS sends its emails in plain-text format. With HTML-formatted email, however, we can do all sorts of neat stuff, such as having different fonts, italics, colored text, embedded-images, etc.

  Dim objMail
  Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")
  '//these are all the images that are in this message.
  '//you must include them like this.
  '//please note that you DO NOT have TO write the
  '//entire file path in the <IMG> tag in the body after this.
  '//make sure you see the image name after the path separated by a comma
  objMail.AttachURL "D:\images\myImage.gif", "myImage.gif" 
  objMail.AttachURL "D:\images\myImage2.gif", "myImage2.gif" 

  HTML = HTML & "<HTML>"
  HTML = HTML & "<HEAD>"
  HTML = HTML & "<TITLE>Send Mail with HTML</TITLE>"
  HTML = HTML & "</HEAD>"
  HTML = HTML & "<BODY  bgcolor=""lightyellow"">"
  HTML = HTML & "<TABLE cellpadding=""4"">"
  HTML = HTML & "<TR><TH><FONT color=""darkblue""  SIZE=""4"">"
  HTML = HTML & now() & " - "
  HTML = HTML & "These are all great ASP Sites</FONT></TH></TR>" 
  HTML = HTML & "<TR><TD>"
  HTML = HTML & "<A HREF=""http://www.4guysfromrolla.com"">"
  HTML = HTML & "<IMG SRC=""myImage.gif""></A><BR><BR>"
  HTML = HTML & "<A HREF=""http://www.4guysfromrolla.com"">"
  HTML = HTML & "<IMG SRC=""myImage2.gif""></A><BR><BR>"
  HTML = HTML & "</FONT></TD></TR></TABLE><BR><BR>"
  HTML = HTML & "</BODY>"
  HTML = HTML & "</HTML>"
  objMail.From = "rob@tconsult.com"
  objMail.Subject = "Your daily HTML Mail"
  'you need TO add these lines FOR the mail
  'to be sent in HTML format
  objMail.BodyFormat = 0 
  objMail.MailFormat = 0 

  objMail.To = "you@yourhouse.com
  objMail.Body = HTML
  Response.write("Mail was Sent")
  set objMail = nothing

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