November 15 2023

Budget-Friendly Smartphones for Students: Finding the Right Device on a Student’s Budget


As we embrace the digital era, technology has simplified a lot of tasks. In schools, for instance, students require smartphones not only for communication but to execute other tasks and functionalities such as planning tasks at hand, catching up with assignments, doing research, and planning activities with friends, among many other tasks.

Since a smartphone plays many significant roles in a student’s life, including accessing custom dissertation writing services, it is essential for all students to acquire smartphones to make their lives at school seamless. The main issue arises in acquiring a useful smartphone on a budget. Ideally, many students often experience financial constraints, hence the need to budget carefully. That is why this guide explores budget-friendly smartphones and how every student can acquire one. Keep reading for more useful insights.

Should students have smartphones? Top reasons

Yes, students should have smartphones to embrace every moment at school. Among the top reasons why students should have smartphones include the following:


Apparently, smartphones enhance communication in many ways, including social media platforms. Especially if the school is far away, they will need to get in touch with family and friends, hence the need to have a smartphone.

Catching up with assignments

The advanced technology has made it possible for teachers and students to interact through online platforms. In fact, education apps help teachers send assignments, update school projects, track student’s progress, and send homework, among many other school-related tasks. Therefore, students require smartphones to catch up with schoolwork.

For entertainment

Of course, being a student doesn’t mean spending every minute, every hour, and every day in books. As a way to relax the mind and activate the brain, students ought to have time for entertainment. With a smartphone, students can watch their favorite shows, scroll down through their favorite social media platforms, and listen to their favorite music, among many other entertainment-related activities.

Doing research

What if you are stuck in the middle of the night with your research project almost due? A smartphone will come in handy at such an hour. You can quickly perform some research and get valuable content that will boost your research project.

Digital literacy

The digital space is advancing at a rapid speed. The future of everything, therefore, relies on technology. It could be hard for a person without digital literacy to catch up in the near future. In fact, many tasks in workplaces are automated, hence the need for people with high digital literacy. As students use smartphones in their daily learning activities, they continue to strengthen their digital skills.

How to find the best smartphone on a budget: top tips

Getting a good phone is an investment on its own. Therefore, it requires adequate planning and consideration to ensure you get a valuable gadget that will help you achieve your set objectives within your budget. The following tips will help you get the ideal smartphone as a student:


As a student, you will need to save files and documents for classwork. Therefore, you must ensure you invest in a smartphone that has adequate space. Always check the pre-installed applications, as they take up most of the device space.


Different smartphones have varied processing power. This depends on the OS, bloatware, and user interface. If you want to use the smartphone for many tasks at a go, then you will need a smartphone with a faster processing power that can handle all the tasks.

The price

Sometimes, it does not mean that the priciest smartphones are the ones that will help you meet your objectives. It is always about the brand. It is possible to get a less costly smartphone that will perform more than you could expect. Therefore, always take time to compare the pricing, the features, and the functionalities of different brands before investing in any smartphone.


What if you want to capture some useful content for revising later? Again, you might need to attend online classes at some point. You will definitely require a smartphone with a powerful camera to capture every moment, including memorable moments at school, such as birthday celebrations.

Top budget-friendly smartphones for students

If you are a student looking for the next smartphone, consider any of the top picks below:

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

At under $500, you will get Samsung Galaxy A54 5G and enjoy the following features and functionalities:

  • The 120-Hz AMOLED screen that is smooth and buttery for easy navigation
  • Long battery (5,000 mAh cell
  • MicroSD slot for extra space
  • Excellent camera (the self is just great, and the night mode feature is just perfect!)

Note: The pitfall side of this phone is the fact that it will be slow, especially when running many applications at the same time. What’s more, it lacks wireless charging, which can be a bit inconvenient for most students.

Google Pixel 6A

With less than $350, you will get the multi-functional Google Pixel 6A smartphone with features that will help you perform different functionalities. Among the top features making this smartphone outstanding include the following:

  • It uses the first Tensor processor, hence can run several apps at a go
  • A 4,410-mAh battery that can take you through the day
  • A powerful dual-camera

Note: Like the Samsung Galaxy A5 5G, the Google Pixel 6A also doesn’t have wireless charging

Motorola Edge

With less than $200, you will get the Motorola Edge smartphone that has the following exclusive features:

  • The 144 Hz display for watching videos and contents
  • A powerful Dolby Atmos and stereo speakers for all your audio requirements
  • A Powerful processor with MediaTek Dimensity 1050 for different functionalities

Other top picks you should check out include the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
  • OnePlus Nord N300 5G
  • Motorola Moto G Power 5G


Smartphones play key roles in a student’s life. Even though these make life for students smooth and seamless, it doesn’t mean you should invest a lot in the same. In the market, there are various smartphones from different brands at different prices. You only need to establish your needs and your budget, then select a smartphone that will meet all your objectives.


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