August 25

How to Build an Elevator in Minecraft?


An elevator is a type of lift present in Minecraft and helps the players go upstairs and downstairs without going through stairs. It is beneficial to have an elevator in the game so that you can reach higher floors easily without any difficulty. Along with elevator guidance, you must know about other aspects of the game, so try to understand how to get a horse in Minecraft. It will help you have a friend who can help you ride with proper safety.

You must know about all the necessary aspects of the game so that you can safely build various items without facing many difficulties. Most of the players are not aware of building an elevator in Minecraft, which makes them face difficulties in going in an upward or downward direction. You should try to grab all the related information about the game as it will help you know how you can make an elevator.

Build an Elevator in Minecraft

If you want to have some increase in your current knowledge, then you can consider the following information as it will help you to know about the elevator making process. It will also help you to know how to get into it and make it well.

Steps to Make an Elevator

  • First, you have to make a square hole of 3×3 size on the ground for providing support to the elevator.
  • Then beside the hole, you have to make a stack as high as you want the elevator to be so that you can go that much high.
  • After that, you have to put another 3×3 square at the top of the stack so that your lift will get the borders from an upward and downward direction.
  • Then put ice in both the holes of the square on the ground and at the top as it will help you make the holes solid.
  • After that, you have to break all the ice blocks in the stack and then place torches between them.
  • Then wait until the ice melts but don’t take the torches out of the holes, and you can break the ice of the ground hole first and replace it with a solid block.
  • When you start walking in the water blobs and hold the key, it will help you go upward. Finally, your elevator is ready, and now you can use it for your upward and downward directions.
  • With this game, you should also learn about other games, so try to know how to change the name in Fall Guys as it will help you to enhance your current knowledge.


You will get huge help from the above information as it will help you know the process of making an elevator in Minecraft. It will also help you to know more about the same game as well as about other games too. You should be attentive while considering the above information so that you can have a proper piece of understanding of the game and the concept.


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