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Virtual reality is a fascinating topic that is not only interesting for technology fans with a well-filled wallet. VR glasses create artificially created 3D worlds, that can be easily discovered without much effort and on a small budget. Everything you need is a smartphone and inexpensive VR glasses. Anyway, the choice of VR viewer is not easy, especially if you aren’t an experienced gambler. The correctly chosen VR viewer can bring you an unforgettable immersive virtual reality experience. In this article, we will help you to choose your new VR helmet and explain to you why this choice is so important for your gaming experience.


Virtual reality (VR) adds VR content to the real world with the help of virtual reality glasses. The heart of VR applications is the head-mounted display. You need to wear them like a pair of glasses or a helmet with a visor. Then you will see computer-generated images on a display directly in front of your eyes. The task of the screen placed near the eye can also be performed by an existing smartphone.

Before buying glasses you need to be clear about what kind of VR glasses you want to buy. Head-mounted displays come in various designs, depending on whether they are primarily used for entertainment or not.

So, there are see-through VR glasses, which are modern work aids that use augmented reality to superimpose helpful data or images into reality for specific tasks. This allows a maintenance technician, for example, to see which components he needs to inspect. The monocular video glasses or look-around glasses provide information via augmented reality for one eye, for example for navigation. They give the second eye a clear view of the real environment.

And the closed video goggles cover the user’s field of vision. They completely blank out the real environment and present only digital content in its place. Projection onto both eyes limits visual perception to the VR world in which the user is immersed. Immersion creates an impression of being right in the middle of things. And these goggles are used for gaming.

Anyway, it is also important to remember, there are VR glasses, which can transmit all the visual content via PC. So, you don’t need a smartphone to use them. The VR glasses of this type have a higher price than the glasses you must use with the smartphone. If you want to operate in a virtual world and discover the VR experience without much effort, and you are an inexperienced gamer, inexpensive mobile smartphone glasses will be a good option for you.


In addition to universal smartphone glasses in different price ranges, there are versions specifically designed for certain models or smartphone series. A precisely fitting recess ensures wearing comfort, and lenses adapted to the properties of the smartphone display enable a more intensive VR experience. Such smartphone headsets can also have their motion sensors and speakers or in-ears.

Another important point is the price. As you’ve certainly seen in the examples above, the prices of the different types differ extremely.

The next important aspect is the compatibility of the chosen model. It doesn’t matter which VR glasses you use, some requirements must be met for a perfect experience. If you use the VR glasses with a smartphone, you will need a smartphone that is capable of playing VR content. In most cases, you can find out whether your smartphone is VR-compatible on the manufacturer’s homepage. Then you will need to find out which VR glasses could be compatible with the smartphone. This means that most VR goggles have a compartment for smartphones. This compartment must match or harmonize with the size of the smartphone.

If you use VR glasses without a smartphone, there are two different requirements. Either the VR glasses are designed for a PC or a console. For example, the PlayStation VR can be only used with the PlayStation. You don’t have to consider too much there, except that you have the right console. And if you need VR glasses for a PC, you must first check if your PC is suitable for VR. Moreover, your PC should have a specific graphics card, as well as a particular processor to broadcast all the visual content.


The weight of the glasses with an inserted smartphone is not negligible when worn for a long time. Wide and adjustable straps that distribute the weight are advantageous. Pay attention to a focus adjustment when buying. Individually adjustable lenses allow you to adjust the focus for each eye like reading glasses. Then you can see a sharp image despite the short viewing distance to the cell phone display.

Some points will help you choose VR glasses that suit you best, for example, the field of view. When buying, pay attention to the size of the field of view, specified in degrees. It indicates how much of the virtual environment your eyes capture, and thus how much VR you see.

And the cables: smartphone goggles don’t require connecting cables, making them easy and convenient to use. VR headsets often work with wired connections to the computer. For Room Scale VR applications where you move freely around the room, make sure the cables are long enough.


Well, it is up to you. There are many gaming and gambling opportunities without virtual reality technologies, for example, Roulette online with real dealers. But can it be compared to virtual reality experience? A gaming process with VR glasses can be a true-to-life archaeological visit to past cultures or a simulated flight in a spaceship – the VR viewers make it possible! It makes the games with virtual reality so unique. And that is why the choice of a good VR headset is so important for each gamer


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